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Xipeel Pick Peel Stone Kit - Fidget Toy Anxiety Relief Mental Relaxation for Children and Adults with ADHD OCD Excoriation

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Xipeel Pick Peel Stone Kit - Fidget Toy Anxiety Relief Mental Relaxation for Children and Adults with ADHD OCD Excoriation


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  • Acquire this product to solve your psychosocial needs. Once utilized, it offers a calming experience like no other. It resolves issues including Boredom, Stress, and Anxiety. If you like to pick at things, including your skin, cuticles, and scabs, this product will meet your needs. If you desire a mundane task to help you focus, Xipeel Peel Stone Kit is for you.
  • The stones are carefully pre-selected with natural depth characteristics, including awesome nooks with pouched apertures to accommodate the filler. The filler is made of latex rubber such that it pulls away, even so excellently, with the steel hook. Moreover, some of the pores on the lava are smaller while others are large; some can be picked while others need to be pulled. Whichever way, this toolkit is exciting and will keep you absolutely busy.
  • For the confirmation of originality, the filler is shipped with a seal on the inner side of the cap. You must remove the seal to use it. You can make the filler as thin as possibleon the stone surface. Or squeeze in each deep hole separately. Both ways are super fun for pick. Finally, let it stay for 8 hours (overnight) until it dry and ready to pick. If the holes are deep, it might take longer because the drying time depends on the holes' depth.
  • The size of this product is modest, with one poked stone measuring 4x3 inches. It also has one instruction manual and one 2.3 oz stone filler, capable of quickly refilling 6-7 sides. Besides, it also has one steel grade picking tool. Take caution because this tool is sharp.
  • The target group for this toolkit is adults and anyone age above 12 years. The users should be careful when using the pick because it is sharp and can cause damage when mishandled. The filler is a latex-based material, hence unsuitable for users who could be allergic or sensitive. Although it is non-toxic, let us not eat latex.
Product Description


Everything you need in 1 kit!

The Xipeel Pick Peel Stones Kit includes:

  • One Perfect Size Peel Stone
  • One double-sided  Picking Hook
  • One Bottle of Filler
  • One Manual
Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: Xipeel

  • Model: W-PS-007

  • Storkz Item #: S20962225

  • Product Dimensions: 1.7 X 5.8 X 7.2 Inches