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Vega Protein and Greens, Vanilla, Tub, 26.8 oz

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Vega Protein and Greens, Vanilla, Tub, 26.8 oz


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26 servings per container, 30g per serving
20 grams of complete protein from a multisource plant-based blend
2 servings of veggies via Vega's signature greens blend: kale, spinach, broccoli and alfalfa
Only 120 calories, no added sugar
Non-GMO; vegan, gluten-free and made without dairy, soy and artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners
Product Description


Vega Protein & Greens | Vanilla 26.8 oz
Protein, you complete me. Greens, you had me at “hello.” Nourishing your body shouldn’t be hard work. Cover the basics with Vega Protein & Greens: 20 g complete protein and two servings of greens—for only 110 calories. Nutrition on-the-go will feel—and taste!—like a piece of cake. Packed with 20 grams of Vega’s signature multi source, plant-based complete protein blend, and 2 servings of nutrient dense vegetable greens. Just add water, shake and go or blend into your favorite smoothie recipe for effortless nutrition! Maintain your resolutions, and boost your motivation. You don’t have to compromise on nutrition in finding a great tasting protein boost (with 2 servings of greens!). Promotes healthy digestion with added plant based enzymes (from papaya). Protein and Greens is low calorie and clean, plant based nutrition as a foundation to a healthy lifestyle. Great for after workouts, breakfast on-the-go, or when you just need a light and healthy, but decadent tasting snack. Why plant-based?
For your health. Eat your veggies! Compared to the average North American diet, plant-based diets are rich in everything you’ve been told to eat more of: fiber from fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats from whole grains and nuts—while also low in the saturated fat and cholesterol found in meat and dairy.
Eating more plant-based food reduces the likelihood of many chronic diseases, including high cholesterol, hypertension1 and type 2 diabetes.
Worried about your waistline? Those who stick to a plant-based diet tend to have lower body weights and body mass indexes (BMIs).
Go plant-based for the planet’s health - simply put, swapping out some animal protein staples for plant-based beans, nuts, seeds and whole grains can have huge impact on your carbon footprint. While eating locally and seasonally is important, incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet has an even greater environmental impact.
Making it work: add, don’t subtract. Remember, plant-based eating falls on a spectrum. You don’t have to do a dietary-180 today to see benefits. Start small by adding just one new plant-based food or meal – try a new non-dairy milk alternative, grab a fruit or vegetable you’ve never tried, or think about how you can spice up a plain block of organic tofu. Small changes lead to the biggest results.
Easy plant-based meals. For recipe inspiration, visit the myvega.com/recipes

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