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Spontuneous - Family Board Game Night - The Game Where Lyrics Come to Life! Sing It or Shout It....Talent NOT Required! (2015 Best Gifts


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  • Are you ready for tons of spontaneous fun? TALENT NOT REQUIRED! This hilarious and interactive family party board game is a great gift for all music lovers of all ages. How do you play? Simple; it's something millions already do - You hear a word, a song pops into your head, and you spontaneously burst into a TUNE! For example: Can you think of a song with the word COWBOY in it? How 'bout HEART? Blurt it out then! Don't worry about your voice, let it rip!
  • This is one of the best board games for family game night and parties with friends (heck, read the reviews below) Spontuneous will have you laughing for hours and will surely be an encore for more! (Yes, it can be turned into a drinking game too!) It's perfect for small or large groups, for kids, for teenagers, for adults and for families! Never know, you might even make it one of your slumber party games?!
  • Likewise, this top new fun game of 2015 and has won a bunch of awards too. Yep, it's Award Winning! (Mom's Choice Gold Award, Dr. Toy's Best Vacation Product, Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval, The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, Mom's Best Hot Product Award, Creative Child Magazine Game of the Year, Play Advances Language Award) Guess what!? It's also one of the top selling board games!
  • Spontuneous is the only music game that crosses all genres and all ages (even Grandma and Grandpa) can play together. It plays best with 4-10 players or teams. Kids, teens, college students, adults and families love it alike! It sparks conversation and memories of music; especially where one first heard a song. One of the best gifts for music and lyric lovers.
  • Although it's tons of fun, Spontuneous is also good for your brain (that thing stored in your cranium.) It improves memory recall and word association skills. Every game is unique and never grows old; which means it has excellent replay value. The 50 Spontuneous Challenge Cards add an element of strategy and chance for more fun! These cards aren't against humanity, they are for humanity, which is something this world could use more of!
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Spontuneous - Family Board Game Night - The Game Where Lyrics Come to Life! Sing It or Shout It....Talent NOT Required! (2015 Best Gifts / Party Games for Kids, Children, Teens, Tweens, Adults and Families, Boys or Girls)

Have you ever heard a word that triggered you to sing a song? If so, then YOU are Spontuneous! One player says a word and the race is on for the others to sing a song containing that word. Don't worry though, talent is NOT required! Spontuneous is America's Hottest New Party Game! If you're looking for a hilarious game to entertain your family and friends, then it's time to throw a Spontuneous Party! It's fun, fast paced, full of laughs and a perfect game to spice up your next get-together! SPONTUNEOUS Object: To stump the other players from being able to sing a portion of ANY song containing your Trigger-Word! The 1st player to reach Finish WINS!
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