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Siddha Remedies Temper Tamer Spray for Children | 100% Natural Homeopathic Remedy with Traditional Homeopathic Ingredients, Cell Salts and Flower Essences| No Alcohol | No Sugar

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Siddha Remedies Temper Tamer Spray for Children | 100% Natural Homeopathic Remedy with Traditional Homeopathic Ingredients, Cell Salts and Flower Essences| No Alcohol | No Sugar


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  • USES: Irritability; Short temper; Tantrums; Mischievous and destructive; Frustrated and discontented. INGREDIENTS: Beech 5X: critical; intolerant; judgmental. Cherry Plum 5X: sudden bursts of rage. Holly 5X: bad tempered; frustrated; discontented. Impatiens 5X: impatience, irritability and a quickness to react. Kali Phos 6X: tantrums; averse to being talked to; cruel to loved ones. Lycopodium 6C: obstinacy; irritability and susceptibility to tears. Back panel image for more ingredients
  • A unique combination of Traditional Homeopathic Ingredients, Cell Salts, Bach Flower Essences as well as additional Flower Essences of Blue Eyed Grass, Century Agave, Corn, Garlic, Jerusalem Artichoke, Swamp Rose, Yucca, and Zucchini. All these ingredients are non-habit forming and can be safely combined with medications your pet may already be taking. All of our remedies contain no GMOs, alcohol, sugar, dairy, or gluten.
  • Help your children return to their Natural State with the help of Siddha Remedies: Prepared in purified water, our formulation blends time tested Natural Homeopathic Medicine with modern technology. With a simple application of 5 sprays twice per day, 5 days per week, it is simple for children to start reaping the benefits of transmuting anger and other afflictive emotions. The other side of anger is enthusiasm, may this be a tool that helps children experience that.
  • Money Back Guarantee: As both the manufacturer and Seller, Siddha Remedies promises to provide you with the absolute best customer service. That's why we offer you a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. If you dont feel any improvement in your wellbeing, we'll refund your full purchase price - even if its after Amazons return window has closed.
Product Description


Siddha Remedies Kids Temper Tamer is designed to assist the child in transmuting anger and other afflictive emotions. Children are assisted in redirecting their energy towards healthier outlets. The other side of anger is enthusiasm. In conjunction with this remedy, encourage your child to engage in some sort of physical activity to allow for healthier emotional release. This can be anything from dancing, play fighting, or other forms of movement that the child naturally gravitates towards. Although Siddha Temper Tamer was formulated with Kids in mind, this remedy may also be used by Adults. As with all our Kids products, the child may benefit from the parent taking the same remedy or another more appropriate remedy. More is not always better, take 2 days off per week: We recommend that you only use these products 5 days a week. Periods of stimulation alternating with periods of rest yield the best long term results. This is similar to an athlete who takes two days off of training to allow the body recuperate and adapt. Consistent use over time is the key: Siddha Remedies are different. Unlike pharmaceuticals and even some natural supplements which work less effectively over time as the body builds a tolerance, our formulas have the opposite effect. You will notice cumulative results.

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  • Manufacturer: Siddha

  • Model: SDD1017

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  • Product Dimensions: 4.2 X 1.7 X 1.4 inches