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Salus Defense Structured Silver Liquid Alkaline Water With 15ppm Structured Silver To Quickly Kill Pathogens, Viruses, Yeast and Bacteria All Natural and Safe With No Additives 16 Ounces

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  • ALL NATURAL, NO ADDITIVES, ONLY TWO INGREDIENTS: 99.999% WATER, 0.001% STRUCTURED SILVER Great tasting pure alkaline water with zero additives/fillers/preservatives that helps your body kill dangerous bacteria and can be effective on over 80 different health ailments.
  • QUICKLY DESTROYS BACTERIA, VIRUSES, YEAST & FUNGUS Powerful Structured Silver effectively fights and kills unwanted pathogens through ionization, molecular structure and alkalinity to help users obtain proper balanced health in their guts in as little as 5 minutes with no side effects.
  • HELPS PROMOTE PROBIOTICS AND HEALTHY BACTERIA Not all bacteria are bad and numerous bacteria that are found in your gut help aid your immune system and other vital areas. Salus Defense Structured Silver has shown to enhance this interaction of probiotics and good, healthy bacteria.
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE FOR ALL AGES Salus Defense Structured Silver is safe for kids, adults, and elderly consumers. Proper care and doses should always be monitored to smaller and/or older consumers.
  • BETTER THAN COLLOIDAL SILVER The real scientific breakthrough with Structured Silver compared to other silver applications like colloidal silver is its ability to have better results with smaller amounts. The strength or amount of silver products is generally rates in Parts Per Million (PPM). Salus Defense Structured Silver has had better, faster results in laboratory testing while having 15 PPM strength, while other silver products needed dangerously high levels around 200 ppm.
Product Description


Size: 1 Pack

Salus Defense Structured Silver Liquid

Salus Defense Structured Silver is a breakthrough in silver as a medicinal property. For thousands of years the healing properties of silver have been well known and used by various cultures all over the world. Now, after extensive research and development, the most impactful and effective form of silver – Structured Silver – has been developed and the results are nothing short of miraculous!

Salus Defense Structured Silver has proven to help fight and relieve numerous health issues. From internal ailments to problems facing your skin, eyes and ears. Structured Silver has beneficial results for the entire body, making it a truly unique "super formula".

Made in the USA

100% Natural

Helps users obtain proper balanced health in gut

Kills Dangerous Bacteria, Including Drug Resistant Bacteria

Works almost instantly because of the magnetic properties of silver

Lab Tested Highest Possible Quality and Potency Standards

Healthy Skin Benefits

Safe and Effective for All Ages

Significantly Better than Older Silvers, Including Colloidal Silver, Silver Hydrosol and Ionic Silver

Promotes Proper Digestion

Improves Organ Health

Strong Against Powerful Infections

Helps Enhance Probiotics and Vitamins

Improved Quality of Life

About Salus Defense

Salus Defense was started out of a deep passion and ambition to help others. Our main focus and objective is to become the leading brand in science-backed natural wellness products. At Salus Defense we seek to find safe, natural, and effective solutions to help people overcome some of the most common health ailments that affect us today. We are an American based company that believes in American based manufacturing and providing the best possible customer experience.

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