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Easy to Digest Bland Dog Food Diet for Sick Dogs - Contains Electrolytes - Gluten Free, All Natural, Freeze Dried 100% Human Grade  Meats

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Easy to Digest Bland Dog Food Diet for Sick Dogs - Contains Electrolytes - Gluten Free, All Natural, Freeze Dried 100% Human Grade Meats


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  • CONTAINS IMPORTANT ELECTROLYTES - This pet food contains potassium and sodium, which are essential to keeping proper muscle function and energy levels. When your pet gets sick, its body tends to become depleted of these important electrolytes.
  • FREEZE DRYING IS BETTER THAN DEHYDRATION - The freeze-drying process retains the natural nutritional value of our fresh products as well as flavor and color. Simple to use, just add water!
  • A PRECISE GI DIET PROVIDES PRECISE NUTRITION TO SUPPORT DIGESTIVE HEALTH - Ask your vet how a properly balanced bland diet can easy your pet back to health.
  • GLUTEN FREE AND NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS - Only the best products go in, so that nothing bad comes out.
  • MADE OF 100% WHITE CHICKEN MEAT OR BISON MEAT WITH A BALANCE OF OTHER GENTLE INGREDIENTS - The highest quality human grade ingredients are used in Under the Weather Dog Food to ensure that your pup is getting the best nutrition while he is under the weather.
Product Description


Flavor Name: Rice and Chicken

Diarrhea, vomiting or lack of appetite and loss of energy can all signal that there is a problem in your pets digestive system. These symptoms can also cause important electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium, to deplete, which negatively affects your pet even more. Healthy levels of electrolytes are essential for keeping healthy muscle and brain function in your pet. So, how can we, as pet owners and companions, deal with these signs and how quickly can be the difference in a quality of life for your pet? Many dogs just have sensitive stomachs, an everyday bland diet with some electrolytes may help comfort your dog and restore his puppy energy and improve his overall quality of life, which is why our product is perfect for you.


Digestive issues in cats and dogs are common and can be caused by any number of reasons. Talk to your vet when your pet shows these signs to help diagnose the issue and to decide the best treatment:
Decrease in energy
Loss of appetite
Change in stool quality

PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended that if your dog is going on this diet for the short-term due to illness that you give your dogs digestive system a rest by not feeding them anything for 24 hours (6 hours for pups under 4 months). On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th day, feed only under the weather bland diet at the amounts recommended on the bag. On Day 5,6, and 7 add an equal amount of your dogs regular food to the listed amount on the bag on day 8 return to normal feeding habits. It is also VERY important to keep your pet properly hydrated.

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