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Diggin' Your Dog Firm UP! Pumpkin Super Supplement for Dogs and Cats, 1 oz - Made in USA, Digestive and Stool Consistency Support

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Diggin' Your Dog Firm UP! Pumpkin Super Supplement for Dogs and Cats, 1 oz - Made in USA, Digestive and Stool Consistency Support


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  • COST EFFECTIVE, NO MORE WASTE – Ditch the can! No more waste from half used spoiled cans of pumpkin. We make it simple with Firm Up… use what you need when you need it and simply reseal the pouch and store it in the pantry for the next occasion or take it with you for on the go use as it is lightweight and easy to transport.
  • SUPPORTS DIGESTIVE REGULARITY – The FIRM UP pumpkin supplement quickly and effectively supports stool consistency for occasional diarrhea AND constipation due to dietary indiscretion. By nourishing gut flora, it supports colon and gut health.
  • HELPS WITH DIET CHANGES, ANAL GLAND ISSUES – For dogs and cats going through diet changes , Firm Up assists in easing the transition by adding fiber. In turn, this helps to support healthy anal glands, minimizing the need for gland expression.
  • DOGS AND CATS LOVE THE TASTE AND IT IS EASY TO FEED – Simply mix with water for a canned pumpkin consistency, sprinkle on and mix with food, or can be made into treats. Dogs and cats devour this pumpkin while fur-parents often call it a lifesaver.
  • SIMPLE INGREDIENTS, ALL USA GROWN, HAVESTED AND MADE – With only 2 simple ingredients (drum dried pumpkin and apple pectin), this recipe is made for sensitive and picky eaters. All of the natural and premium ingredients are completely sourced and made in the USA (even the BPA free bag). Recommended by vets.
Product Description


FiRM UP for dogs and cats affordably supports and maintains healthy digestion and stool consistency in pets. FiRM UP may be used by pet owners when transitioning foods, nervous travel, and as a daily digestive supplement to maintain regularity. The two ingredients are Pumpkin and Apple Pectin which are 100 percent grown, harvested, made, and hand-packaged in the USA. These two ingredients are a supplemental source of vitamin C and E, potassium, magnesium, fiber, and alpha and beta carotenes. Our product is shelf stable. It can be fed wet or dry and mixed with food.


Occasional diarrhea due to dietary indiscretion?= LACK OF WATER absorption of the colon and lower bowel. The fiber factor in FiRM UP! may aid in forming solid stool by slowing down digestion and the passage of waste, giving the body time to naturally absorb more water.

Occasional constipation due to dietary indiscretion?= TOO MUCH WATER reabsorbed into the body due to the slow passage of waste matter through the colon. The result is dry and difficult to pass stools. The fiber factor in FiRM UP! may help in keeping water from being reabsorbed by the colon; giving the colon the proper fluids it needs for hard to pass stool.

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  • Manufacturer: Diggin' Your Dog

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