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Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder: Salted Caramel Ketosis Supplement (Medium Chain Triglycerides, Coconuts) for Ketone Energy. Paleo Natural Non Dairy Ketogenic Keto Coffee Creamer

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  • Convenient, 100% pure MCT oil powder: Perfect supplement for those who want the benefits of liquid MCT oil WITHOUT the mess, digestive distress or travel headache. Perfect Keto's MCT Oil Powder is creamy, smooth and adds creamy texture, delicious taste and healthy fats to your coffee or smoothies.
  • No fillers or additives: Unlike others, Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder contains NO fillers, corn starch, or fiber additives. This means that our MCT has ZERO carbs and ZERO grams of sugar: just pure natural MCT fats from coconut. This means you'll be fuller longer and have no spike in blood sugars.
  • Guaranteed purity: Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder is 100% Pure and manufactured at a GMP facility in the USA. Each batch is lab-tested to contain our 70/30 c8/c10 ratio, and is tested for heavy metals and other impurities. The product ships in a BPA-free, food-grade PET container.
  • Feel full and increase energy: The body begins burning MCT for fuel almost immediately, which is why MCTs are so popular in morning coffee. Because our MCT Oil Powder contains ZERO additives, carbs or sugar, you'll get hours of sustained energy and feel full and focused during the day.
  • Each container comes with 30 servings of 100% Pure MCT Oil Powder. Our product comes from coconuts and is composed of 70% C8 and 30% C10.
Product Description


Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder is perfect for your low-carb or ketogenic diet. MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) are a specific type of fat that is absorbed quickly and preferentially used by the brain and body for energy, especially when in ketosis. Fuel your mental and physical performance with pure MCTs to think clearly, and perform at your peak. Unlike most MCT Oil Powders, Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder uses only natural ingredients, including Acacia Fiber, a prebiotic fiber that supports healthy digestion and has minimal impact on blood sugar.

Research has shown that MCTs are a clean, fast-acting energy source for the body and brain, so you can experience:

  • Sustained energy levels, without crashes
  • Supports cognition and mental clarity
  • Supports healthy metabolism
  • Supports healthy cellular function
  • Sustained energy levels, without crashes

HOW TO USE? Mix Perfect Ketos MCT Oil Powder in your coffee, tea, smoothies, or just plain water. No blender required. Our MCT Oil Powders add a wonderful creamy texture to any hot or cold drink.

WHEN TO USE? Adding MCT Oil Powder to your regimen as a drink addition or snack replacement will help you feel full and focused throughout the day.

WHY SHOULD I USE MCTs?MCTs are a greaT source of sustained energy, whether youre keto or not. MCTs from coconut oil have been shown to support digestive, brain, and metabolic function when consumed on a regular basis.

HOW DOES MCT OIL POWDER BENEFIT MY DIET?Derived from natural coconut oil, Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder provides a high quality dietary fat that is one of the bodys preferred energy sources. MCTs have been shown to support blood ketone levels, maintain stable blood sugar levels, support healthy cellular function, and promote mental clarity.


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