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Octopus Glue - Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive (Loca) 3 ml Graduated Syringe + UV Flashlight and Batteries for Phone Glass, Digitizer, LCD Repair

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  • HIGH LIGHT TRANSMITTANCE: 99% @175 um. Octopus Glue improves the viewing experience by increasing contrast ratio and minimizing quality loss due to reflection. Its unique formula results in a clear, haze-free and yellowing-free finish like a brand-new phone. EXCELLENT GAP FILLING: Octopus Glue fills small scratches on the digitizer surface that may occur when removing old adhesive.
  • HARDNESS: 25A. Octopus Glue's 25A hardness increases the display's overall strength and extends the screen assembly's life by making the display more resistant to heat, moisture, and temperature changes.
  • 3ml GRADUATED SYRINGE: Octopus Glue takes the guess-work out of a repair by coming in a UV resistant amber graduated syringe that measures in increments of .2 ml. Being able to measure how much Octopus Glue you are using is crucial. Using too much or too little LOCA can result in a botched repair. With preceise measurments, this 10 ml of Octopus Glue can repair 5-20 devices. See product description for recommended amounts for specific devices.
  • 12 LED UV FLASHLIGHT: for reliably spot curing Octopus Glue & BONUS: Plastic Razor Blade Scrapers for removal of old adhesive and Micro Fiber Cloth for final surface cleaning and preparation.
  • SUPER LOW VISCOSITY: 1400 (MPA.S). Super low viscosity means that Octopus Glue is not very thick and flows very easily. Not only are air bubbles less likely to occur with Octopus Glue, but they are also easier to remove. Octopus Glue's super low viscosity also means that you can get the job done with less glue than with generic LOCA formulas. Using a thinner layer of glue also results in increased optical performance of the repaired device. Ask about other generic LOCA's viscosity values, they will be most likely over 2,000 to 5,000.
Product Description


Color:3 ml w/ UV LED Flashlight

Package Contents:
Octopus Glue 3ml in a graduated syringe for easy and accurate application.
12 LED Ultra Violet UV Light Flashlight Lamp (with batteries)
Two Plastic Razor Blades
Microfiber Cloth

Octopus Glue is Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive (LOCA) specifically formulated for bonding the outer touchscreen glass to the digitizer in a smartphone display assembly.
It's unique formula improves and maximizes the optical characteristics of the device and offers the easiest application without the need for expensive tools and machines.
Recommended Usage Amounts:
iPhone 4/4s: 0.5ml
iPhone 5/5s: 0.7ml
iPhone 6: 1ml
iPhone 6 Plus: 1.3ml
Galaxy S: 0.8ml
Galaxy S2: 1ml
Galaxy S3: 1.3ml
Galaxy S3 mini: 1ml
Galaxy S4: 1.4 ml
Galaxy S4 mini: 1ml
Galaxy S5: 1.5ml
Galaxy S5 mini: 1.1ml
Galaxy S6: 1.5ml
Galaxy Note I/II/3/4/5: 1.7ml
LG Nexus 4: 1.3ml

Octopus Glue Application and Curing: Apply recommended amount to the center of the digitizer in a line. Slowly place the glass lens onto the digitizer. Use the included flashlight to spot cure each corner for 30-45 seconds each. Then, proceed to use a larger UV lamp for a full surface cure, or spot cure with the UV LED Flashlight for 30-45 seconds in each spot until you have spot cured the entire screen. If using a larger lamp, cure the glue with UV light for 3-5 minutes depending on your UV light source. Some high power LED Lamps may cure as fast as 10 seconds, but some low power lamps may take up to 15 minutes.
Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: Octopus Glue

  • Model: OGLOCA3UVF

  • Storkz Item #: S20533825

  • Product Dimensions: 5 X 1 X 3.5 inches