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Cat and Dog Kidney Support, Natural Renal Supplements to Support Pets, Feline, Canine Healthy Kidney Function and Urinary Track. Essential for Pet Health, Pet Alive, Easy to Add to Cats and Dogs Food


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  • This all natural and 100% safe kidney health supplement, developed specifically for the dogs and cats you love to support normal kidney function, urinary health and owners reported healthier happier pets w/ healthier kidneys! This gentle holistic supplement has scientifically formulated ingredients to help support normal kidney function, detoxification, renal health, urinary tract health and enhance immunity.
  • Rejuvenate, maintain and support long-term renal health & function for aging canine and feline pets by supporting normal blood pressure, strengthening kidneys against stressors & revitalize renal cells. Safe to use with medications; free eBook on how to best use Kidney Restore for Cats & Dogs, & product support by health coaches. This is a REAL natural way to have healthier kidneys without adverse reactions.
  • The probiotic microorganisms help your kidneys by supporting natural elimination of poisonous toxins in the gut, the sodium bicarb neutralizes kidney acids & toxins, balances minerals. Niacinamide safely lowers harmful phosphorus levels, Vitamin C provides powerful antioxidants for kidney cells. Easy to feed; simply sprinkle & mix into meals; 100% risk free 60 day money back guarantee. See results within 2 weeks!
  • Recommended by veterinarians for supporting normal kidney function in senior pets without harmful drugs. Also promoting urination control, proper hydration levels; enhancing appetite for healthy weight gain; notice a healthier and shinier coat of hair, less hair loss, reduce excess fluid and so much more. This is the most complete kidney supplement available for your cats and dogs kidneys.
  • Created by a naturopath & pet nutritionist, who has an active blog, who has personally gone through all stages of kidney disease and dedicated his life to helping people, cats and dogs with kidney disease. Your pets kidneys are not going to be healthier without the proper support. Kidney Restore For Cats & Dogs has all the nutrition they need to be stronger, healthier & support normal kidney health for years to come.
Product Description


Hi, I ‘m Robert Galarowicz a naturopath and pet nutritionist who has personally gone through all stages of kidney (aka. renal) disease including kidney failure, dialysis, a transplant and my life’s mission and passion is to help people, and now cats and dogs to support normal kidney function, kidney health and creatinine! There is hope for your beloved cats and dogs to improve their health and support normal kidney function with our unique science based kidney support supplement called Kidney Restore For Cats & Dogs™. The best nutritional support for your feline and canine pets kidneys.

Our formula targets your pets kidney health from 5 critical angles to reduce renal stress leading to healthier rejuvenated kidneys. Balance phosphorus, potassium, acid build up, supports elimination of toxins, plus more and notice a healthier pet with a good weight, appetite, and better digestion. Safe to use, Manufactured & tested in an FDA registered facility, U.S.A made and easy for your pets to take.

You can help your pets kidney health, support overall kidney function with the right ingredients, have a healthier creatinine, eGFR and a more lively pet as you take away their pain. This is the best kidney health supplement and kidney vitamin available for pets.

Your pets have an option. Avoid seeing their pain, fatigue and misery of poor kidney health. Keep their kidneys healthy, make them feel better, have more energy, rid their body of harmful acids and toxins, so they have a better quality of life.

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