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Ketond Advanced Ketone Supplement - 15 'On The Go' Packs - Exogenous Ketone Supplement 11.7g of BHB (Beta-Hydroxybutyrate) Salts to Lose Weight, Increase Energy (Grape, Blue Raspberry and Strawberry)

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  • Enjoy Ketond's fruit variety pack! 15 Individually packaged servings: 5 each of Grape, Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Daiquiri. Each serving contains 11.7 grams of goBHB.
  • Ketond is 100% transparent with all of the ingredients used and nothing is hidden in a Proprietary Blend
  • Ketond powered by goBHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate) delivers the purest dosage of this carbohydrate-free high performance fuel.
  • Ketond is for anyone looking to manage their weight, maximize cognition, or simply feel more energetic in a low carbohydrate environment. Just mix in water and you have a delicious, refreshing beverage that helps you feel better, think more clearly, and perform at higher levels.
  • Ketond is NOT part of some multi-level, direct pyramid style of marketing program. This means we are able to offer our product at a FRACTION of the cost of the other guys. Go ahead and research for yourself. Multilevel companies are great for the guys in the Pyramid but not so great if you are looking for a great supplement sold at a great price.
Product Description


What is Ketnd?

Ketnd is a premium exogenous ketone supplement made with the patented active ingredient goBHB. Ketond helps users achieve a deeper state of ketosis by way of the patent ingredient goBHB. An important reason why Ketnd users keep coming back is that they are paying over 60% less and getting almost 3X the amount of ketones when compared to other ketone supplements.

What is the difference between Ketnd and Ketnd On The Go?

They are the same. The only difference is that Ketnd On The Go is meant to be a travel size, hence why it's in stick packs, and a smaller box. Same great flavors, just different packaging!

Ketnd is meant for those who want to:

  • Burn fat as fuel*
  • Avoid brain fog & achieve mental clarity*
  • Boost athletic performance*
  • Increase ketone production & ketone longevity*
  • Induce a deeper state of ketosis*

Suggested Use?: Mix Ketnd with water, unsweetened almond milk, coffee, or any low carb drink. Mix one scoop in 12-16oz of your low or no carb beverage of choice. For best results, take Ketnd on an empty stomach.

When to use Ketnd?: Ketnd should be used in the morning to raise ketone levels. Remember, Ketnd can provide energy, and should be used anytime you need a pick up, this also includes before the gym as a pre workout! If using as a pre-workout, consume Ketnd 30 minutes before working out for best results.

*All weight loss products should be used with a diet and exercise plan. FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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