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Earthing Sheet with Grounding Cord - Materials Organic Cotton and Silver Fiber EMF Protection Improve Sleep Natural Wellness (27 * 52 inch)

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Earthing Sheet with Grounding Cord - Materials Organic Cotton and Silver Fiber EMF Protection Improve Sleep Natural Wellness (27 * 52 inch)


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  • High Quality Material: this earthing sheet is made of pure natural high-quality organic cotton and pure silver fiber. Organic cotton 95%, Silver 5%.
  • Scientific Grounding: the earthing sheet is full of crisscross silver wires. The metal silver has very good conductivity and is good for the skin. The connection between the silver wire and the grounding wire realizes the grounding function.
  • Grounding Principle: grounding is to use the natural energy of the earth to improve health. There are a lot of free electrons with negative charge in the earth. When the human body contacts with the earth, these free electrons will transfer to the human body. When the free electron reaches the human body, it will eliminate the harmful free radicals and maintain the health of the human body.
  • Grounding Benefits: grounding can help you sleep better, improve blood circulation, reduce body pain, accelerate wound healing and many other benefits
  • ; Easy to Use: the earthing sheet is very simple and convenient to use. There is a black grounding strip on the sheet. Only one end of the grounding cable in the product needs to be connected to the sheet grounding strip, and one end needs to be inserted into the household grounding Jack to realize the grounding.
Product Description


Size: 27*52 Inch

Earthing &Grounding

In ancient times,people walked barefoot and slept naked on the ground, connected with the earth.With the development of modern civilization, people are slowly living inreinforced concrete buildings, walking with rubber soled shoes, almost isolatedfrom the earth. For a long time, with the increase of work and life pressure,people found that the quality of sleep is getting worse and worse, the physicalfunction is getting worse and worse, insomnia, physical pain, fatigue and othersymptoms often occur. But when people get close to nature and connect with theearth again, magical things happen, and some symptoms will be relieved or evendisappear. This is the power of grounding.

Sun exposure,pollution, pressure and bad habits can cause the increase of harmful free radicals,which will accelerate the aging of human body and cause problems in variousfunctions of the body. The most effective way to eliminate harmful freeradicals is to use factors that prevent oxidation. The earth's surface isfilled with a large number of negative charges. The free electrons withnegative charges have the function of preventing oxidation. When free electronsenter the human body, they will combine with harmful free radicals, eliminateharmful free radicals and maintain human health. So, how to make free electronsenter the human body? Grounding, using our grounding bed sheet can be verysimple to achieve this function.


Set Included:

1Earthing Sheet, 27 x 52 in

GroundingCable 15 foot

One Manual



Can usedetergent, can dry at low temperature, but do not dry at high temperature.

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  • Manufacturer: CUAOCOS

  • Model: 752777914638

  • Storkz Item #: S20910696

  • Product Dimensions: 11.7 X 9.6 X 1.0 inches