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Heat Therapy Pack  Everywhere Wrap  Microwaveable Heating Pads - Scented, Natural, Reusable Hot and Cold Therapy by HTP Relief (Purple)

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Heat Therapy Pack Everywhere Wrap Microwaveable Heating Pads - Scented, Natural, Reusable Hot and Cold Therapy by HTP Relief (Purple)


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  • THERAPY-QUALITY DESIGN Contouring with soft, adjustable band to keep the deep heat/cool in right spot with ideal pressure. Designed for abdomen, back, shoulder, legs, joints, more. Dimensions: 14 x 5.5 x 0.75 inches. Weight: approximately 1.2 pounds.
  • EASY GO-TO FOR FAST RELIEF Heat wrap in the microwave for two minutes or cool in the freezer if you need cold relief (stays soft and pliable too!). Super easy and efficient. Made in USA, All Natural, Eco-friendly. Filling Ingredients: Cloves, Lavender Flowers, Flax Seeds, and Rice.
  • EXTRA PLUSH FOR EASY, QUICK COMFORT Cozy fleece and 100% cotton to gently melt round your body for deep heat relaxation or to softly cool and ease inflammation.
  • PROVEN HOT/COLD RELIEF Heat therapy boosts circulation, aids healing & muscle relaxation. Cold reduces swelling diminishing pain. Ease monthly cramps, back tension, sports injuries, sore/tight muscles.
  • AT-HOME HEAT OASIS SPA So little time, so much tension to release! We have you covered with this newly designed body wrap, giving you professional massage/physical therapy quality treatment right at home. 1-YEAR WARRANTY - For Manufacturing Defects, please contact Seller directly. For Returns, please contact Amazon Customer Service.
Product Description


Color: Purple

After listening to our active and healthy relief-pack users, weve created these new designed packs to be extra soft and practical to deliver the heat and cold therapy to the right spots more easily, penetrating the temperature deep into muscles for much-needed pain relief, healing, soothing. The Everywhere Wraps stretchy and adjustable band is so easy to adjust as needed, be it firm pressure for deep heat or to lightly disperse and ease discomfort from muscle cramps, strains, injuries and period cramps for women. A flexible design with broad-hugging adjustable band make the Pad a go-to for deep heat treatment for sporty and active individuals and those looking for relaxation and relief from discomfort, exhaustion and tension be it arthritis relief or reprieve from tense muscles, period cramps, joint aches and more. You can also just wrap it around your belly to get cozy and take the chill out in the evening while you watch TV. The adjustable and soft strap lets you comfortably wrap the pack around all parts of your body from abdomen to wrist -- and works for people of all sizes. When the weather gets warm, let your Snug Wrap cool you down. Seal it in a plastic bag and put it in your freezer in for two hours. Or keep it there all the time and take out as needed. Cold therapy reduces swelling which decreases pressure on nerves which in turn reduces discomfort and pain and boosts healing because your body is much more likely to heal when its not in pain or stressed from discomfort. Wherever relief is needed, its so much more comfortable than an ice pack! As with all our hot and cold therapy packs, Everywhere Wrap is durable and reusable. It comes neatly sealed in a plastic bag with instructions for use and storage. Once again, we are over the moon to bring you more cozy, effective deep comfort and healing this time in our new, extra-soft, extra-practical line of therapy wraps!

Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: HTP Relief

  • Model: HTP-EVW-SC-PPL

  • Storkz Item #: S20791358

  • Product Dimensions: 2.3 X 6.6 X 7.4 inches