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DRINK-A-PALOOZA: The Monopoly of Drinking Games

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  • Drink-A-Palooza does not require a long beer pong table or large folding table to play. It can be played in anyone's kitchen. Equipped with all of your partying needs, Drink-A-Palooza drinking game comes with beer pong balls (ping pong balls), spin the bottle, a playing deck of cards, dice, six pack game pieces and mini beer bottles collected to win the game. The game is played similar to the Game of Life and you fill up your six pack with beer bottles to win the game.
  • Drink-A-Palooza also has a large beer, alcohol, spirit, wine, energy drink, hangover cure, water and other beverage industry following. You can find drinkapalooza on display at beer events and beer festivals nationwide and is sold in some liquor stores and tobacco shops. This board game is the hottest game on the market.
  • The Ultimate Adult Drinking Board Game! The ONLY adult game to combine all the Drinking Games into One! If you like Beer Pong, Kings Cup, Flip Cup Quarters and all the College Drinking Party Games then you will love the Drink-A-Palooza drinking game. This American Drinking Game is known by college students and those who party as the monopoly of drinking games and drinking card games, this adult toy will make you party memorable. Perfect for your backyard BBQ, keg parties, football tailgating, bachelor parties and bachelorette party and really any house party that you are going to have. This game has Spring Break fun written all over it. This California based drinking game makes the party happen. Snowed in or do you live in a place with bad weather? Don't worry! Buy the Drink-A-Palooza board game and bring your Spring Break fun into your life. Great party game and party game for adults.
  • With 2 to 12 players playing at once, D-A-P is the best adults game for two or couples with the option to play 1 on 1 or in teams of two. This adult board games for adults keeps everyone entertained all night and couldn't make for a better evening of adult games for groups who love drinking party games and adult party games. The variety of adult games for parties make it the most popular party games for adults and drinking parties worldwide. Use non-alcoholic drinks and turn it into a popular party game for teens. Add this adult game board to your next adult game night and turn it into the best drinking party ever! Or bring it to your friends as a gift knowing it is a fun gift for adults to play. Drinking games included in the DrinkAPalooza drinking adult game are kings cup, flip cup, socials, waterfalls, quarters, high / low, drunk tank, booze your turn, steal a bottle, beer pong, pour in drink cup, make a rule, and quarters. Buy a game and have fun playing with your friends.
  • If you are looking for the ultimate party games for adults and perfect drinking games for students or drinking games for adults and adult toys, Drink-A-Palooza is the answer to your gift idea, your gadget for guys, your college student, your bachelor or bachelorette, your housewarming party gift, your drinking buddies, your drunk friends, you party people, your Spring breakers, your homebodies, your Summer lake house, your backyard barbeque and can be taken anywhere and everywhere. We know you are going to love the game. Be sure to hashtag photos, pictures and videos with #drinkapalooza #drinkingGame or #drinkingGames Game on!
Product Description


DRINK-A-PALOOZA® is the best party games for adults and adult board games that mixes everyone's favorite college drinking games and packs them into one. Whether you prefer beer, spirits, soda or water; YOU will love playing! This board game eliminates the need for a large Ping-Pong table and is the perfect housewarming gift. Pre-Game with DRINK-A-PALOOZA or take it to your buddy's keg party. Get the bachelor and bachelorette party started and throw a killer after party. DRINK-A-PALOOZA adult games takes the best games and make them thousand times tastier. GET YOUR DRINK ON with DRINK-A-PALOOZA! More Fun Than One Night Can Handle DRINK-A-PALOOZA is the only party game created to prove your social drinking skills. You compete against other players to win miniaturized bottles. Fill your six-pack game piece and you win the game! Sounds easy right? Well, you need to be exceptional if not excellent at all the games, not just Beer Pong. Who would have thought that one game could be entertaining for so many people at once? The game can be played on any kitchen table so it fits in every household. GET THE PARTY STARTED! Equipped with all of your partying needs; Drink-A-Palooza is the easy drinking game answer to your best gift ideas for men, drinking games for adults and parties, 21st birthday gift ideas, gifts for boyfriend, great drinking games for two people. Fun housewarming party gifts for men or couples who like drinking card games. Do you like party drinking games with or without cards? Need fun gadget for guys, your college student, game night, your bachelor or bachelorette party, your drunk friends, your party people, your Spring Breakers, your homebodies, your backyard barbecue and can be taken anywhere and everywhere. If you are looking for the ultimate party in a box; look no further! This is the best indie game & card game out there!!!
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