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American Pillowcase Set of 2 Waterproof Pillow Protectors Zippered - Dust Mite

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American Pillowcase Set of 2 Waterproof Pillow Protectors Zippered - Dust Mite


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  • STANDARD SIZE - Perfectly fits a 20 x 26 pillow, Quantity 2
  • HYPOALLERGENIC - Protects from dust mites, bacteria, germs, bed bugs, and more. Helps with eczema, rhinitis, asthma and snoring.
  • COMFORTABLE, BREATHABLE, AND LESS NOISE - Engineered backing repels liquids but still breathes allowing sweat and vapor to pass. Unique terry surface allows for comfort and significantly lessens noise
  • ZIPPERED AND WASHABLE - Designed to be simple to use, wash, and dry. Wash with your regular linen in hot water and dry on medium heat. Do not bleach or iron.
  • AFFORDABLE - Given the quality you will not find a less expensive protector. Even so, if you need these yet cannot afford them, please contact us and we'll do our best to help you out. No one should suffer needlessly.
Product Description


Set of 2 Waterproof Pillow Protectors Zippered - Dust Mite, Bacteria, Allergy Control - Encasement - Bed Bug Proof - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! (Standard Size, 2 Pk)

Size:Standard (Qty. 2)
Where it All Started
My 2 year old daughter was rushed to the hospital because of trouble breathing. Turns out she has asthma and multiple allergies. Among other things, I was told to buy pillow and mattress protectors, but soon realized they were ridiculously expensive, hard to care for, poorly made, or sounded like a crinkly bag
Proven SolutionsI designed this product to solve all these problems. These pillow protectors are proven to protect from free allergens, dust mites, bed bugs, and bacteria. My daughter is only one example, but by keeping a clean house and using mattress pads and pillow protectors, my now 14 year old has been symptom free for almost 10 years. For me, my eczema is lessened, I sweat less at night, and my snoring has greatly subsided.

The American Pillowcase AdvantageThese are waterproof, comfortable, absorbent, affordable, breathable and quiet. Made with polyurethane backing to repel liquids and a terry surface to absorb moisture. Terry makes these the most comfortable on the market and likely the quietest. Next, these are high enough quality that I can comfortably offer a 100% money back guarantee and a 10yr warranty. Pillows and mattresses don't last this long! Finally, Allergy sufferers span people in all income brackets. I believe everyone deserves relief and protection, so I am intentionally keeping this price low so nearly everyone can afford them, if you cannot, contact us and we'll do our best to help you out.

Pillow SizesCarefully check your pillow size before ordering. These are designed to fit snugly. Queen beds often have standard pillows (not queen pillows). All size pillows are common on king beds

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  • Manufacturer: American Pillowcase


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