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Ziggyboard Chalkboard for Small Spice Jar size Labels with Chalk Marker fit Libbey 4 1/2 Ounce (White, Fine Tip 1mm Chalk Marker)

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Ziggyboard Chalkboard for Small Spice Jar size Labels with Chalk Marker fit Libbey 4 1/2 Ounce (White, Fine Tip 1mm Chalk Marker)

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  • Set of 48 Round Chalkboard Labels with Chalk Marker perfect fit for Libby 4 1/2 ounce or other small spice Jars 1.65 Inch diameter fits in Dimple on top of Libbey cover
  • Simple to use peel and stick Chalkboard surface works on any smooth surface including glass, wood, plastic or metal
  • Comes with FREE Chalk Marker, Waterproof removes with Windex will not run. Select color and size
  • Chalkboard Label is Dishwasher Safe, stays on the Cap or Jar, remove with hair dryer heat label can not be reused, chalk marker can be changed
  • Marker makes fine ore very fine line that looks like chalk, 1mm marker is about 1/32 inch, 1/2mm marker 1/64 inch. Semi-Permanent sticker not recommended on painted walls
Product Description


Ziggyboard is an adhesive chalkboard material that looks like a classic chalkboard but can stick to any smooth surface. Label is easy to clean and reuse. Guaranteed to stick to your spice jar tops. Fits right in the recessed area of the top. No design on the label, you have the entire area for your home made identification or your own illustration. Comes with FREE chalk marker, that is semi-permanent and waterproof! Perfect for kitchen applications. This free 1mm marker makes about a 1/32 inch, the 1/2mm marker makes a 1/64 inch line line that looks like chalk. It can not be removed with water, even soapy water. Great for labeling spices, food or beverage since it will not run or come off in use. When you are ready to change your labels just use Windex with ammonia or a non abrasive kitchen cleaner. Sticks to glass, ceramics, wood, steel, aluminum, porcelain or other smooth non-porous surfaces. Remove with gentle heat from a hair dryer. Not recommended for painted walls, use our removable Ziggyboard for decorating your walls or painted surfaces. Main images show product, this includes the labels and paint marker additional images show ideas for use. Why order labels and a chalk marker when you can buy this combo pack? Ready to label your items and change as needed. Chalk Marker is a premium Zig Posterman 1mm or 1/2mm waterproof marker providing fine chalk like lines. Safe in your home, Markers have the CE mark and meet Toy Safety Regulation EN-41 and bear AP Seal ASTM D4236.
Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: Ziggyboard


  • Storkz Item #: S20210794

  • Product Dimensions: 7 X 0.8 X 7 inches