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Vitacell+ Longvida Optimized Liposomal Curcumin Capsules for Joint Support, Clarity, Higher Energy w/Clinically Tested Premium Ingredients - Quercetin, Resveratrol, Boswellia Serrata Extract and More


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  • DR. FORMULATED: Designed by Georgetown M.D. Mark Sivieri, the VitaCell+ formula with Liposomal optimized Curcumin and 6 other flavonoids, came together over many years of clinical research and experimentation. It was created for patients who were suffering from inflammatory conditions such as low energy, brain fog, and movement-related aches and pain.
  • SEVEN POWERFUL FLAVONOIDS, ONE CAPSULE: Every ingredient in VitaCell+ was carefully selected, based on both clinically-validated studies, and real-world results that Dr. Sivieri observed in his patients. The full list of Flavonoids includes Longvida optimized Curcumin, CherryPure tart cherry extract, Boswellia Serrata extract, pure Quercetin, Resveratrol, EGCG green tea extract, & Cocoa extract.
  • THE 285X POWER OF LONGVIDA: In Clinical Studies, Longvida Curcumin was proven to be 285x more bioavailable than standard turmeric Curcumin capsules with bioperine due its liposomal deliverability system. Study participants showed improved moods, higher energy, faster recovery from exercise, and increased blood flow.
  • THE STRENGTH OF CHERRYPURE TART CHERRY: Unlike standard tart cherry capsules , CherryPure tart cherry has been shown in clinical studies to improve the strength of weight lifters, and the distances achieved by marathon runners. Both groups also experienced fewer aches and pains, and faster recovery.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Dr. Sivieri and Vitalifi offer an unconditional, lifetime guarantee on VitaCell+ purchases. If youre not happy with your Vitacell+ Longvida optimized liposomal Curcumin capsules,simply write to us. We have an incredible team of Customer Happiness agents, based in the United States, who are standing by and ready to assist.
Product Description


The problem with most of the curcumin you find in stores and online is that its not bioavailable. In other words, its potent little miracle molecules dont get absorbed into the blood or brain.

For years, the only solution was to add black pepper extract. Early research showed that it might help the curcumin get out into the bloodstream. But as one doctor likes to say, thats like putting lipstick on a pig. Its still a big waste of money. Just ask anyone whos tried the off the shelf brands.
- Do they feel more energy and clarity?
- Do they feel fantastic mobility in their joints and the flexibility of their youth?
-Are they thinking more clearly, and have their moods improved?

Curcumins many benefits have been locked away ..until now.

Liposomal Technology: This BodyGuard Delivers Curcumin Safely Into Your Cells

After years of research, scientists at UCLA developed a breakthrough bodyguard for curcumin molecules. They coated each little particle with a layer of fat that protects it from stomach acid, and delivers it safely, directly into your cells where it can work its magic.
This Liposomal CurcuminTM has been the subject of extensive clinical and pre-clinical studies and is proven to be 285x more bioavailable than standard curcumin extracts.

Thats why Georgetown M.D. Mark Sivieri selected it as the cornerstone of his breakthrough VitaCell+ formula.

Heres What The Patented Curcumin In VitaCell+ Can Do For You

If youre like many of Doctor Sivieris clients, youll begin to feel the effects in an hour or less. Then, as the curcumin builds up over the next seven days, youll really feel it.
- Improved energy
- Enhanced Clarity and Mood
- Youthful Flexibility &Joint Comfort
- Lower Triglyceride levels
- Beautiful Skin and Hair
- Improved Blood Flow

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