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UPBASICN Dog Toothbrush Stick-Bite Brushing Stick Cleaning Interactive Nontoxic Bite Resistant Natural Rubber, Dental Hygiene Brushes


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  • Pet Safe MaterialMade from natural, durable pet-safe rubber, This natural rubber dental chewing brush is the new thing that will actually have your dog cleaning his own teeth!
  • Tooth brushing based on instinctsDogs are chewing&biting bristly to clean their teeth,Optionally insert toothpaste along side grooves to provide even better cleaning, which is very natural for them and utterly stressless.
  • Bite Resistantextremely durable version for heavy chewers,made from durable nontoxic rubber. Even German shepherd bite brushing,not easy.
  • Functional and intuitiveDesigned with your dogs chewing behavior, anatomy, and preferences in mind.Fit for all Breeds and sizes of dogs.
  • Sweet smellThe brush stick infused with a fresh peppermint scent both dogs and people love. So dogs will have more interests in his new toy and enjoy to chew it.
Product Description


Size: Medium  |  Color: Green

First ever DIY toothbrush for dogs. Dog-centric design, easy-to-use, safe and the most effective toothbrush for dogs.
Stablizing paw pads-To allow easy holding for your dogs
Meat flavored throughout-To Promote chewing&increasing palatability.
2-sided bristly line grooves-clean dogs teeth down to the gum line.
Toothpaste reservoir-Self-dispensing toothpaste reservoir enhances cleaning.

Preventing Disease
Dental disease isnt just for humans; dogs have issues with it too!Periodontaldisease is extraordinarilycommonfor dogs, and the best way to prevent it is to just brush your dogs teeth.

UPBASICN Dog toothbrush Specification:
Self-dispenses toothpaste during play to enhance cleaning
Deep cleaning bristles down to the gums
Durable, safe and anti-microbial
Created with dog's anatomy in mind for easy holding
Helps prevent destructive behavior and boredom

Made from nature rubber
It is Non Toxic &Eco-Friendly.
Bristly design thoroughly clean even hard-to-reach back molars.
Soft texture inside the brush is safe to your dog's gums, no harm.
The durable and aligned bristles inside the brush help clean dental plaque which hides in the dead corner,remove it and prevent decay.

Offer to your dog with or withoutpet-safe toothpaste. Can also apply peanut butter, coconut oil, other pet-safe spreadable foods to the exterior to encourage your dog.
Dogs may need multiple sessions but will eventually hold the Bristly Bite Brushing Stick upright to chew on.
Offer to your dog for up to 3 minutes at a time. Always supervise your dog while using and only use pet-safe toothpaste.

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Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: UPBASICN

  • Model: 763383026103

  • Storkz Item #: S20832656

  • Item Weight: 0.16 kg

  • Product Dimensions: 1.6 X 3.9 X 6.2 inches