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Unknown Neem Oil, Leaf and Bark Soap with Peppermint Maximum Strength Body Guard - For Outdoor Activities

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  • A natural insect repellent and fungal fighter. Body Guard Soap, designed and created to stop the reproduction of pathogens and parasites ~ nature's Way! For those who love the out doors but not the bugs!
  • Neem Oil Neem Bark, Peppermint and Karanja Oil deep cleans and protects skin
  • All Natural Ingredients Vegan friendly, detergetn free, synthetic free, paraben free and chemical latherieng agent free.
  • Cleans, soothes, protects & defends all skin types. Fresh Fragrance!
Product Description


Neem Body Guard soap performs as your personal Body Guard to all things looking to bite or live on you. Can be used from head to toe. All About Neem's Body Guard has been created and designed to stop the reproduction of pathogens and parasites ~ nature's Way. Our natural blend of Neem, Karanga and Peppermint essential oils is perfect for those who love the outdoors and need maximum skin protection. Neem Body Guard repels head lice, bed bugs, flies, gnats, ticks, and fleas. Designed for those who work and play in the out doors! All About Neem soaps are a great choice for anyone who suffers when using store bought detergent/bar soaps. This special formulation is gentle on skin but, ready for a fight to rid your skin of unwelcome bugs, virus, fungus and bacteria. All parts of the neem tree can be used without killing the tree. Literally, every part of the tree - the bark, leaves, flowers, seeds, has a use in agriculture, healing and medicine Neem is highly beneficial for humans and animals alike. The entire tree has medicinal properties: the fruits, leaves and pruned branches that are used. Neem is a tree of renewable resources that also plays an important part in reforestation and wasteland restoration programs. Neem Leaf is said to be one of the finest detoxicants available that clears pollutants from the body. The herb's antiseptic qualities are said to cleanse the blood of harmful bacteria that cause infections. Moreover, cleaner blood is invaluable for improving skin conditions, and Neem Leaf has been famous for its beneficial effects in cases of skin diseases and problems, including eczema, psoriasis, septic sores, infected burns, boils and acne. To learn more about the benefits of neem and how to use neem as a way to better your health and join the Neem Team, visit our All About Neem site . Walk in good health!
Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: Unknown

  • Model: Unknown20591041

  • Storkz Item #: S20591041

  • Product Dimensions: 4 X 1.5 X 3 inches