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Gordian's Knot Game


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  • 6 Colorful Interlocking Puzzle Pieces.
  • Step-by-Step Solution Book.
  • Easy-to-Follow Reassembly Instructions.
Product Description



Parents'' Choice Recommended Award Winner and Dr Toy's Smart Play/Smart Toy Products Award

Gordian's Knot is a Brain-Pleasing, Brain-Teasing ThinkFun Original People will fall in love with Gordian's Knot, a take-apart brainteaser for die-hard puzzle enthusiasts. Players will marvel at their brilliance (and determination!) by unraveling the mystery of Gordion's Knot. It takes 69 different moves to dismantle the puzzle, so we've included instructions that help perplexed players reassemble the puzzle once it has been solved. Ages 8+/Single Player.

The Gordian's Knot Game teached the following Learning Skills:

Pattern Recognition
Abstract Thinking
Problem Solving

ThinkFun is the world's leader in addictively fun games that stretch and sharpen your mind. ThinkFun games make you smile while they make you think - building reasoning and creative problem solving skills while you're having fun. At the heart of ThinkFun is a dream to change the world through play - creating a foundation of important thinking skills for kids, sparking fun and valuable family time, and keeping minds of all ages sharp and fit. We continue to expand on this dream everyday - with our award winning games, brainteasers and global education programs. There are even new mobile apps available, so you can practice your ThinkFun games where ever you are. So go ahead - with ThinkFun, playing is good for you!
Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: ThinkFun

  • Model: 6820-T

  • Storkz Item #: S20628936

  • Item Weight: 0.18 kg

  • Product Dimensions: 9.7 X 6.7 X 3.4 inches