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Vet Approved Deshedding Glove Brush - for Cats, Dogs - 3-Minutes to Groom - Gentle, Easy to use Fastener - Comfortable fit - All Hand Sizes - Suitable All pet Breeds

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  • A PET SESSION THEYLL LOVE --- It is time that you stop chasing your pet for a grooming session. Bring home this wonder product and let your dear pet come to you for a pet session theyll love. They enjoy being petted and you two can spend a quality time during the session. The groomer mitt with its soft rubber tips also provides gentle relaxing massage, which will bring satisfaction and pleasure to your pet. And remember, petting is better than pet chasing!
  • EFFECTIVE, SIMPLE & REUSABLE PET GROOMING SOLUTION --- SunGrow Snowboy Pet Grooming Glove Brush removes excessive loose pet hair and traps them in the glove. The brush-like fingers scrub, groom and massage pets hair. Consequently, your pet is free from from a tangled mess, dirt & dandruff.
  • KEEPS HOUSE CLEAN & EASY STORAGE --- The single Pet Grooming Glove by SunGrow helps in keeping the house clean at all times. As you groom your pet daily with this brush, you will see less hair shedding and can breathe a sigh of relief with no more messy and hairy home. Get rid of hairballs before they appear, once and for all! Once you are through with the process of grooming your furry friend, simply hang the glove and let it dry for easy storage.
  • IDEAL FOR ALL COAT & HAIR TYPES --- Since all animals love petting, the Snowboy Pet Grooming Glove Brush keeps the pet clean, healthy and happy as you provide to their day-to-day grooming needs. Whether long or short hair, oily or dry coat, this SunGrow Pet Grooming Brush protects your felines skin by removing all the dead, dirty and unhealthy hair, preventing dander to build up. It is perfect for sensitive & young pets.
  • PERFECT FIT, EASY TO USE & COMFORTABLE --- The Pet Grooming Glove Brush by SunGrow is ideal for both big and small hands as it comes with an adjustable wrist strap that fits all hands easily. The adjustable glove brush is so flexible and comfortable that it fits any hand easily. For your comfort it is also Lightweight and Breathable. So completely forget about shedding like an awful nightmare.
Product Description


SunGrow brings you the Snowboy Pet Grooming Glove Brush, the affordable, anti-shedding and pet grooming tool. If you are tired of seeing your pets hair scattered all over the house or frustrated of removing those loose hair from your clothes, bring home this glove brush that gently removes pets loose dead hair and tangles, so no fur goes flying.

So, wearing the 6.6 X 10 inches SunGrow Pet Grooming Glove Brush will save you from chasing your dog or cat because they will come to you automatically. No pet likes grooming but each pet loves petting and this will leave you with spending a quality time with your furry friend.

So, whether your cat/dog is long or short haired or wet or dry, this glove brush serves as the high-quality de-shedding tool. The benefits of anti-shedding and petting are plenty. It keeps the skin healthy and clean, protects coat for further growth, promotes healthy skin and coat, and reduces hair fall. Not to mention, all the petting keeps your pets happy because they feel they are loved.

This one size fits all dog and cat brush glove features an adjustable wrist strap. Simply put the glove on and adjust the fit and stroke your pet normally. The glove will pick up all the loose and dead hair, while also removing those nasty mats and knots. The soft bristles will gently massage the hair, which in turn will increase the blood circulation. When you see enough hair getting collected on the glove, peel it and clean the glove brush with mild soap and let it air dry. The nylon mesh liner is water-resistant and dries fast.

Hurry up! Bring home the happiness and gift your furry friend a healthy lifestyle today.

Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: SunGrow

  • Model: 688977509322

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  • Product Dimensions: 1.7 X 8.9 X 11.0 inches