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Starlight Creations Latosta Ultra Portable Laptop Stand - Copper Anodized Aluminum

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  • Small, ultra light (0.72 oz) laptop stand goes with you anywhere.
  • Fits into a shirt pocket - 4.5 by 2 by 1/4.
  • Improves cooling by creating unobstructed airspace below the keyboard.
  • Independent tests show a CPU temperature reduction of 22 degrees F.
  • More Ergonomic position reduces neck and shoulder stress.
  • Made in the USA of anodized aluminum.
Product Description


Ultra Portable: easy to put into a pocket or laptop case.

Improves laptop cooling: your laptop cooling fan will come on less often.
Easier on the neck and wrists: Lifts the screen and tilts the keyboard for improved ergonomics.

The Latosta portable laptop stand for laptop and notebook computers is made in the USA of Anodized Aluminum. Very small and light, it fits easily into your shirt pocket (4.5 x 2 x ¼ in.) Adjustable angle: Lifts the back of the screen 1 ¼ to 2 ¼ in. on an average laptop with keyboard thickness of 0.7 in. Exact lift depends on your keyboard thickness and where you place the stands. By lifting the screen and tiling the keyboard, it is easier on the neck and wrists, keeping the body in a more natural position. Better Laptop Ergonomics means less stress on your body, making long hours on the computer easier to deal with. The Latosta portable laptop stand promotes laptop cooling passively instead of using fans, which saves battery power. Independent tests show a CPU temperature reduction of 22 degrees F.
COMPATIBILITY, PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING: This stand is designed for use on a flat surface such as a desk or table only, and is not suitable for use on your lap, a bed, or other irregular surface. For laptops with a keyboard thickness (not including display) of 1 1/8 in. or less. The stand overlaps the top of the keyboard by ½ in., so it is generally not suitable for keyboards who's keys are within ½ in. of the edge. Not compatible with Apple Air or other laptops with beveled or curved edges on the bottom of the keyboard. This product will cover a small portion of the side of your computer (see photo). It can generally be adjusted around a power connection, but may not be the best choice for you if you frequently access the ports or disk on the side of your laptop.
Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: Starlight Creations

  • Model: SC-AL-COPPER

  • Storkz Item #: S20535500

  • Item Weight: 0.02 kg

  • Product Dimensions: 4.5 X 0.2 X 2 inches