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SPRI Xerstretch Strap

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SPRI Xerstretch Strap

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  • Perfect for assisted stretching of all major upper and lower body muscles
  • One-inch-wide nylon strap includes one loop at each end for comfortable hand positioning and one loop in the middle for secure foot placement.
  • Perfect for use both before and after your exercise routine
  • Quickly and easily stretch the muscles of the lower legs, thighs and hips, as well as the arms, shoulders, chest and low back
Product Description


SPRI Xerstretch Strap Leave the excuses at home and take the Xerstretch Strap with you wherever you go. Increase muscle flexibility, joint range of motion and circulation with every use.

View larger View larger Stretch It Out! Ideal for traveling, or just getting in a quick routine at home, this lightweight and portable strap is a great addition to your workout gear. The 1-wide nylon strap includes one loop at each end for comfortable hand positioning and one loop in the middle for secure foot placement. Each Xerstretch Strap comes with an instruction sheet to ensure maximum performance.

Stretch Safely Successful physical activity and exercise are dependent upon the body’s ability to endure the positive stress of exercise, recuperate after training sessions, and adapt well over time. In order for that physical adaptation to occur safely, the body needs to be in a positive state of readiness before exercising and be able to return to a relatively normal positive baseline state afterwards. Most everyone experiences tightness, tension, imbalances, asymmetries, and weaknesses that need to be addressed as a means of preventing injuries. So, after tough training sessions, flexibility tools need to be able to provide much-needed muscle relaxation and relief.

Trust the Professionals SPRI’s flexibility/mobility exercise tools — such as the Xerstretch Strap, are engineered to complement the many static and dynamic muscle-lengthening and trigger-point techniques currently being taught and administered by health and fitness professionals. Since the tools are lightweight and portable, the exercises can be done right on the gym floor, in the personal training area, on the massage table, or even outdoors.Most products allow trainers to manually relieve a client’s sore, tight muscles without coming into direct physical contact with them; this creates a more comfortable and acceptable training environment for both parties. And, with proper instruction from the trainer, these tools can also b
Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: SPRI

  • Model: STRAP

  • Storkz Item #: S20100510