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S.O.S. Steel Wool Soap Pads, Lemon Fresh, 10 Count (Pack of 6)


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Pack of six 10 count packages of steel wool soap pads in lemon scent
Powerful combination of soap and steel wool removes tough messes
Makes aluminum, iron and stainless steel pots and pans sparkle
Eliminates soap scum
Perfect for removing rust from your patio furniture and garden tools
Product Description


Size:60 Pads
Product Description

Get your kitchen, countertops and bathroom surfaces clean toa shine with these reusable, multipurpose absorbent cleaning wipes. Handi wipes are durable and machine washable so they can be sued again and again. You buy fewer and use less of the environment's resources, making Handi wipes a very economical and environmentally friendly choice.
From the Manufacturer
S.O.S Steel Wool Soap Pads allow you to clean stubborn messes and stains from kitchen cookware and outdoor items, saving you time and effort. Made from steel wool and biodegradable soap, the phosphorus-free soap pads help you quickly remove baked-on food, rust, soap scum, and burnt grease. S.O.S Steel Wool Soap Pads can be rinsed and reused.

Steel wool pads help you quickly remove baked-on food, rust, soap scum, and burnt grease.

Pads remove rust, hard water stains, and soap scum.
Scrub Away Messes and Rust For cleaning stubborn stains on cookware or rust on outdoor items, S.O.S Steel Wool Soap Pads are made from steel wool with biodegradable soap. The phosphorus-free pads make it easy to remove food and burnt grease, leaving kitchen pots and pans sparkling and clean. You can also use them to clean your barbecue grill, remove soap scum and hard water stains from bathrooms, and eliminate rust from garden tools and patio furniture.
Reusable Design It's easy to use an S.O.S Steel Wool Soap Pad--simply wet it with water before use. When finished, you can rinse the pad in water to remove debris, wring out excess water, and store on a clean, dry surface for reuse. Wear gloves when cleaning with soap pads to reduce skin irritation.
About S.O.S: A Century of Saving Saucepans The first pre-soaped steel wool pad was invented in 1917 by a cooking utensil salesman named Irving Cox. His pad kept pots and pans looking clean and new without scratches or abrasions. Cox's invention became the first product for the company coined by his wife as Save Our Saucepans, or S.O.S. Almost a century later, S.O.S products are go-to items in millions of homes for safely scrubbing cookware as well as cleaning bathroom and kitchen surfaces.
What's in the Box S.O.S Steel Wool Soap Pads, Lemon Scent, 10-Count Boxes (Pack of 12).
S.O.S Steel Wool Soap Pads, Lemon ScentAt a Glance:
Clean tough stains from kitchen cookware
Removes rust, hard water stains, and soap scum
Made from steel wool with biodegradable soap
Can be air dried and reusedThe S.O.S. Family of Products
S.O.S Sponge
S.O.S Soap Pads
S.O.S Steel Wool
S.O.S Tuffy
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  • Manufacturer: S.O.S

  • Model: S.O.S20555003

  • Storkz Item #: S20555003

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  • Product Dimensions: 11.6 X 8.2 X 7 inches