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Smokey's Stash Organic Catnip OG puss cat Weed for Cats pop top - Small

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  • TOP SHELF BUDS FOR YOUR KITTENS. Give your cat the nip they deserve.
  • SAFE and HEALTHY way to get your cat to exercise while you sit back and get some laughs.
  • THE SECRET STASH : Our OG Puss catnip has a deep history and is proven to make cats go wild!
Product Description


Size: 1 pack

Premium OG Puss Catnip weed .9oz! 100% legal in ALL 50 states! Smokey's stash is 100% Organic which was very important to us. As the owner and ethical vegan, I would never put any animal at risk. Each unit is packaged in Venice Beach California! Again, Smokey's stash is CATNIP. It is not for human consumption. What does catnip do? When cats smell catnip they may exhibit several behaviors such as ub their heads and body on the herb or jump, roll around, vocalize and salivate. This response lasts for about 10 minutes, after which the cat becomes temporarily immune to catnip's effects for roughly 30 minutes. Response to catnip is hereditary; about 70 to 80 percent of cats exhibit this behavior in the plant's presence. In addition, catnip does not affect kittens until they are about six months old and begin to reach sexual maturity.

Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: Smokey's Stash

  • Model: 860215001809

  • Storkz Item #: S20824146

  • Item Weight: 0.03 kg

  • Product Dimensions: 1.9 X 2.0 X 3.6 inches