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SleekTiger Cat Cave Bed, Cat-Shaped. Handmade, 100% Merino Wool Felt. for Outdoor Cats Indoor Cats and Kittens. Natural, Chemical-Free, Synthetic-Free. Grey with White Ears. One-Size

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  • HIGH-QUALITY MERINO WOOL: Pure New Zealand wool, felted by hand with traditional technique (only water, soap and pressure). Biodegradable. No chemicals, no synthetics
  • COZY: Cats feel safe and protected in confined spaces they can control
  • INSTAGRAM - READY: For cats who enjoy the glamorous cat model life, this cat cave will look amazing in all your cat pictures
  • GREAT STYLE: Original shape, neutral colors, will easily fit your interior decoration and furniture
  • HANDCRAFTED: Made with love and care in Nepal
Product Description



This soft, flexible, cozy and comfortable cat cave provides a perfect confined environment for your cat. Cats feel safe and protected when in small spaces that they can totally control. SleekTiger caves are easy to clean. Natural Merino wool repels odor and stains, and is naturally anti-bacterial.
Once you unpack, re-shape with your hands. It can be ironed from the inside for a more crisp, sleek look.
Healthy and Clean: The natural lanolin of merino wool makes it naturally anti-bacterial. Urine or other liquids will slide through and will not penetrate the fibers. To clean it, just turn it inside out and wipe away any fur, lint or debris with a wet cloth, or else use a vacuum cleaner. If accidents happen, you can machine wash the cave with soap and reshape it with your hands while wet. Let it air dry.
SleekTiger caves come in natural neutral colors that will often match your cat's beautiful fur. The wool isolation will keep the cave warm in winter and cool in the summer, for indoor or outdoor cats.

RESEARCH: Cats like to squeeze themselves into tiny small spaces, it makes them feel safe and protected when they are inside defined smaller spaces that they can control. Cats have a natural need for warmth and protection. Close contact with the cave's interior releases natural endorphines and reduces stress, making them feel snug. Place the cave in a room where your kitty usually hangs out. Put treats or favorite toys inside and let him or her explore the cave in their own time. Cats love nooks and crannies, and they prefer to nap in clearly delineated areas where they don't have to be alert to dangers that can sneak up to them while they sleep.

Instagram-ready style: Does your cat enjoy being the model of your photographic shootings? This cat cave will look amazing in all your pictures.
Original and attractive.

Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: SleekTiger

  • Model: 606015815341

  • Storkz Item #: S20822623

  • Item Weight: 0.82 kg

  • Product Dimensions: 5.0 X 10.0 X 11.5 inches