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12-inch Standard, Thick, X-Thick or Jumbo Bully Sticks for Dogs Made in USA Boutique Grain-Free High-Protein Beef Pizzle Dog Chews by Sancho and Lola's

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  • ULTRA PREMIUM: MADE IN USA. No growth hormones, toxic chemicals or antibiotics. Hand-graded and packed by weight to insure consistency. 6 Standard to Thick sticks that vary from 1.8oz-2.5oz; best suited for medium to large dogs
  • DENSE: hand-made by a Chef who makes them in a Classic French Charcuterie style of dehydrating meat, rather than baking. Thus, they will be denser, less porous than our traditional bullys.
  • CALMING: provide an 'Oral Fixation' so dogs are less anxious and less DESTRUCTIVE. Great for when dogs need to be crated or confined after surgery.
  • ODOR-FREE: because they are washed by hand in cold water in a human-grade, commercial kitchen. These may not be for finicky dogs. The reality is, some dogs will prefer our traditional, low to moderate odor sticks.
  • MAINTAIN ORAL HEALTH: bullys are natural fully digestible beef tissue, they stimulate gums and clean teeth, while not causing the same GI distress as rawhides and synthetic bones can.
Product Description


Size: 14oz Odor-Free (6-Count)

USA Odor-Free 'Charcuterie Style', hand-trimmed, Chef-prepared 12" Dense Standard to Thick Bully Sticks.

Single-ingredient, naturally organic chews, dehydrated in a human-grade, commercial kitchen, not a lab setting like rawhides. All our manufacturers must meet high safety standards.

Our products come with a satisfaction guarantee, in case your dog is not a fan. But introduce slowly. They are high in protein which could upset your pup's tummy if introduced too quickly. Always supervise your pup with hard chews and serve with plenty of water.

With our traditional bully sticks, we grade out over-cooked and stinky sticks. With our odor-free sticks, this is a non-issue. They are dehydrated in the Charcuterie Method, not baked, thus they are never over-cooked. The ends tend to have a unique, concave appearance. Some ends might look dark since they were cut prior to dehydration, but the sticks will never be over-cooked, hollow and crunchy-- an issue with most other bully sticks. These sticks will never have an odor because they are washed twice in a proprietary cold water cleaning process that actually makes them human-grade.

Most brands of bully sticks face similar challenges. Hopefully, you'll notice that we go above and beyond to deal with our challenges (by our extensive grading process). Many brands have huge budgets to give free products or gift cards to Review Clubs. When we started Sancho & Lola's Closet, we decided we'd settle for getting reviews organically and spend our resources helping dogs in need.

Our Mantra is "Pet Products with a Purpose" because Sancho & Lola's Closet was founded on the belief that Every Dog Deserves a Forever Home. Since 2015 we have supported canine rescue with product donations, monetary donations and connecting fosters with dogs in 'crisis'.

Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: Sancho & Lola's Closet

  • Model: CT-12IN-BULLVP

  • Storkz Item #: S20827294

  • Item Weight: 0.4 kg

  • Product Dimensions: 1.8 X 5.4 X 13.3 inches