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RIGSTYLE Silicone Feeding Set: Divided Plate and Bowl Placemats with Suction Cups Plus 2 Spoons, for Babies, Toddlers and Kids (Blue/Green)


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  • HOW TO STAY SANE AT MEALTIMES! If youve ever had to scrape food off the walls and floor after your baby has dumped his/her dinner, then you KNOW you need help! By all means let infant enjoy touching and feeling his/her food but keep mischief and cleanup to a minimum. Our extra smooth bottoms on these plates and the most effective suction cups ensure that the placemat becomes one with any highchair tray or table and cannot be lifted by little hands
  • THE RIGSTYLE BABY / TODDLER 4 PIECE BABY FOOD FEEDING DISH SET is all you need for a calm, enjoyable mealtime with your little one. The green suction plate is divided into 3 sections because kids can be fussy about their food touching. It also makes it easy for your child to choose his next mouthful
  • SOMETIMES IT JUST NEEDS TO BE DEEPER Some foods such as soups and cereals need to be served in a deeper bowl so that splashing can be kept to a minimum. This is why you get a green plate and blue bowl together in this set. Each has a matching feeding spoon or you can mix n match for fun!
  • MADE OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY FDA approved, BPA / PVC / PHTHALATE free Food grade silicone. The entire baby dish set is dishwasher safe (on the top shelf) or is easily washed with a little dish soap and warm water. It's also microwave, oven and freezer safe.It does not stain and it will NOT AFFECT THE TASTE OF THE FOOD. Each mat is 10.8 x 8. 5 inches.
  • PERFECT BABY SHOWER OR FIRST BIRTHDAY GIFT! Parents adore this set. Its attractive, practical, unbreakable, portable,disposable, non-slip, easy to use, easy to clean, makes clean up a breeze and can be taken anywhere (travel, restaurant, picnic). It even comes in a gift box for easy gifting. This is a quality product and we have no problem giving you a 90 day guarantee so BUY IT NOW and enjoy these baby plates and placemats in one.
Product Description


If you become stressed at mealtime your baby or toddler picks up on it and instead of enjoying a time of excitement and discovery it turns into a battle of wills as you beg and cajole your child to eat and not throw the plate on the floor. Thats what happens when you dont have the correct feeding dishes :)

So lets start again. Its mealtime and you have set your babys dinner out on the Green RIGSTYLE silicone plate / placemat with the extra smooth bottom and the innovative suction cups.
* You know you wont have to pick the plate up off the floor.
* You are no longer stressed about cleaning up the mess after dinner.
* Your baby is contented from feeling your calmness.
* The food had been divided up into lovely toddler size portions.
* Meal time is a sweet and enjoyable time for parent (or grandparent) and baby!

Theres more In this set, you receive:
* 1 Green Silicone Plate / Placemat divided into 3 sections - 1 deep
* 1 Blue Silicone Bowl / Placemat - 1.8 deep
* 1 Green Feeding Spoon
* 1 Blue Feeding spoon

Each Plate is 10.8 x 8.5 inches and will fit on any high chair tray or flat eating surface, table, coffee table or tray.

When meal time is over simply un-suction the plates, remove and either wash in warm soapy water or place in the top rack of the dishwasher.

FDA approved, BPA / PVC / PHTHALATE free food grade silicone You know you are giving your child his / her food from completely safe and non-toxic utensils. These best toddler plates will not stain and will never affect the taste of the food in any way.

BUY NOW and enjoy a fun and relaxed time at breakfast, lunch and supper, snacks too, with your children.

The exceptional quality of this product allows us to give you a 90 DAY GUARANTEE so there is absolutely NO RISK when you buy this set for yourself or as a gift.

Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: RIGSTYLE

  • Model: 696576766336

  • Storkz Item #: S20823804

  • Item Weight: 0.54 kg

  • Product Dimensions: 3.2 X 8.4 X 10.9 inches