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Rejuvenation Therapeutics - Klamath Blue-Green Algae | More Powerful Than SPIRULINA Or Chlorella | Grown from The Clean Pure Source of Klamath Lake | 500 MG 60CT Vegan Capsules

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  • WHY REJUVENATION THERAPEUTICS BLUE GREEN ALGAE: SUPER FOOD STATUS due to high concentrations of proteins, vitamins and nutrients. Rejuivenation Therapeutics decided we should source the ideal ingredients and sell them at a great price. Grown from the fresh clean and pure mountain sun source of Klamath Lake not some aquarium
  • POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITY and effective adaptogenics(substance that helps the body adapt to protect against stressors are exhibited in Rejuvenation Therapeutics Blue Green Algae.
  • GOOD FOR THE BRAIN Has been shown to have a positive effect on brain health and memory, and may help protect against brain diseases. A 500 mg super food in a capsule capsules.
  • EAT YOUR VEGGIES-Rejuvenation Therapeutics Blue Green Algae is 70% vegetable protein and has higher levels of beta-carotene than broccoli.
  • TAKE CARE OF THE BEST..THAT IS YOU- OVER 65 VITAMINS, minerals and enzymes and the complete spectrum of eight essential amino acids and ten nonessential amino acids and they are all easily absorbed by the body. In fact, up to 97% of the beneficial vitamins, minerals and enzymes found in blue-green algae are easily absorbed
Product Description


REJUVENATION THERAPEUTICS KLAMATH BLUE GREEN ALGAE is making a name for itself as the go-to super food for people on the go. MORE PROTEIN, B12 AND CHLOROPHYLL THAN ANY OTHER FOOD SOURCE. As you eat most foods, your body has to spend a lot of energy breaking your food down and extracting the nutrients. This is even true of most supplements. The soft cell walls of Klamath blue green algae, however, enable your body to assimilate it far more effectively -- converting 98% of it to nutrients as opposed to around 65% for Spirulina. Klamath also boasts 40% more Calcium,100% more Chromium and five to ten times the Vitamin C content of Spirulina.

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