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Ultra Premium Wild Caught Omega 3 Fish Oil for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits - Best For Silky Soft Coat, Ear Infections, Allergies, Dry Itchy Skin, Shedding. Essential Fatty Acids DHA and EPA, 16oz Pump

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  • WHAT A BEAUTIFUL COAT! When was the last time someone complimented your 4 legged best friend on their shiny, healthy and soft coat? Now you can help them regain that gorgeous show quality look and be the pride of the dog park.
  • COMFORT FOR YOUR PRECIOUS PET! OUR PREMIUM FORMULA PROVIDES RELIEF FOR EAR INFECTIONS, ITCHING, SHEDDING AND DERMATITIS Your pet will feel so much better and will love the taste! Adding Omega-3, 6, 9 fatty acids to their diet can alleviate the inflammation of the skin caused by allergies, fleas, yeast and dry skin, and can help stop the constant licking, chewing and head shaking.
  • BEST OIL FORMULA FOR YOUR BEST FRIEND! Just squirt it on their food. Flour, Bran and other starches found in chews are the ingredients that keep the yeast (Candida) alive which can aggravate existing conditions and increase excessive scratching and chewing. No more force feeding pills or squeezing the oil out of gelatin capsules. Your best friend will love the taste and our MONEY SAVING Premium oil formula allows you to customize the dosage so there's no waste.
  • RELIEF FOR PAIN, SWELLING AND SORENESS caused by inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and strenuous physical activity. Helps keep your best friend active and energetic.
  • BETTER THAN SALMON OIL FOR DOGS Our high quality, nutrient rich, human grade Omega 3 is produced from small, non predatory fish which are known to have the lowest levels or no mercury which is best for smaller animals. We created Real Deal Pet Labs because we know you love your pets as much as we do! Our Omega 3 uses only the purest fish oils with no additives or preservatives. GMO free, made with love and the help of a few fish.
Product Description


? The All Natural Premium Supplement for Premium Results!

? Dermatitis, dry itchy skin can be a major problem for pets. If left untreated, it can lead to sores, lesions, hair loss or bacterial infections. Our four-legged best friends can't tell us what's wrong, we need to be proactive and know what signs to look for such as scratching and biting at skin, excessive licking, paw chewing, watery eyes and ear infections.

? Commercial pet food is a poor source of Omega-3 because Omega's are susceptible to heat, the benefits are lost due to the cooking temperatures of the food and also in most chewable supplements available on the market. Chronic Ear Infections are a common sign of Omega 3 deficiency. Feeding your pets chewable supplements can be counterproductive due to ingredients such as bran, flour, potatoes and other starches that can aggravate allergy symptoms, yeast and fungus overgrowth and infections.

? Grain Free! Real Deal Pet Labs uses pure natural fish oil with no added ingredients. Just pure fish!

? Rabbits (Hares) will benefit from Omega-3. Rabbit feed contains omega-6 but lacks Omega-3. When using Real Deal Pet Labs Omega-3 as a supplement you may find that your rabbit will get a shinier coat, less hair loss and flexible joints.

? Pet rats often get itchy skin, especially during the winter because of the dry air. EPA and DHA rich Omega-3 fish oil is a natural remedy.

? Real Deal Pet Labs uses only the best ingredients made in the USA and come with a 100% money back guarantee!

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