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PRODOR Prebiotic Anti Itch Spray - A Natural Leave-In Dog Conditioner | For Dry Itchy Skin | Hydrates Dogs Sensitive Skin | Puppies | Calms Dog Skin Allergies | Dog Detangler | Vanilla and Oatmeal | 8oz

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  • STOPS ITCHING ON CONTACT | Dog Itching Skin Relief and Dog Conditioner | Dog Probiotics and Prebiotics Feed the Natural Skin Barrier for Dog Dry Skin Conditions | Intensive Moisturising immediately Relieves Dog Itching & Dog Dry Skin, and Dog Sensitive Skin | Like Bitter Apple Spray for Dogs | It works as a Hot Spot Spray for Dogs | Skin Conditioner for Dogs | Treats Dry Patches and Restores Healthy Skin and Hair
  • FEEDS DOGS SKIN & CONDITIONS DOG HAIR WITH HEALING PREBIOTICS | Two steps for Dog Itching Skin Relief and Dog Sensitive Skin | Probiotics for Dogs Itchy Skin with Oatmeal | Relieves Dog Itching and Hair Loss Caused by Dog Skin Allergies | A Natural Dog Conditioner | Our Ethical Commitment - VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, NON-TOXIC, PARABEN-FREE, SLES-FREE, SLS-FREE, 100% BIODEGRADABLE, NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS, NO HARSH CHEMICALS, and MADE FROM NATURAL INGREDIENTS
  • NATURALLY DEODORISING - LASTING RESULTS | Just Spray and Leave | No Need to Dry | Use Dog Leave In Conditioner 1 or 2 x a Week or when Itching Occurs | Moisturises Dog Skin and Dog Hair and Feeds Your Dogs' Skin Barrier | Enhanced with Pure Jojoba Oils and Yogurt Extract which Hydrate and Heal for a Glossy Coat with Lovely Volume
  • PUPPY-FRIENDLY | FORMULATED FOR SENSITIVE SKIN | Natural Vanilla, Coconut, Jojoba and Oatmeal Extracts | Combine with PRODOR Natural Dog Shampoo | Great Smelling Light, Fresh Fragrance | One Spritz Action | Pet Deodorizer | Anti-Allergen Pet Conditioner | Sunflower, Apricot, Jojoba, Rice, Yogurt Extract, Reishi Mushroom, Shitake Mushroom, Oat and Gardenia extracts for Skin Health and Hydration, pH-Balanced 7.0 for Dogs Hair and Skin
  • THE PREBIOTIC PETCARE COMPANY - MADE IN THE U.S.| If for any reason you are not satisfied with your PRODOR Anti Itch Spray and Leave-In Conditioner we will refund you with no questions asked
Product Description



PRODOR is a completely new approach to the problem of dry, itchy and irritated skin. Regular Shampoos and Conditioners can strip a skin of the natural protective layer - their skin microbiome - and make itching worse not better. PRODOR is completely different. It doesn't strip the skin, it feeds the skin, making skin healthier and stronger and stopping the causes of dry skin and itching


PRODOR contains Probiotics and Prebiotics which feed the skin to hydrate and strengthen the skin barrier - stopping itching on contact - and then continue to nurture the dry patches that cause irritation.


  • HEALTHY NOT HARSH is the future. PRODOR supports and nurtures 'good skin bacteria,' it does not seek to destroy it.
  • FEEDS THE SKIN with a unique combination of probiotics - 'good bacteria' - and prebiotics (food for 'good bacteria')
  • TARGETS THE CAUSE OF DRY SKIN, NOT THE SYMPTOM: A dogs' skin barrier is a complete ecosystem of 'good bacteria' which protects against infection and irritation. When you feed their skin, nature can work it's magic for lasting skin and hair health
  • SPECIALLY-FORMULATED FOR SENSITIVE SKIN - INCLUDING PUPPIES: Keeps skin soft, smooth and in healthy-balance.
  • CONDITIONS THE HAIR: A thick, glossy coat starts with healthy skin. As the skin returns to health, hair can begin to regrow.

Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: PRODOR

  • Model: 2111

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  • Product Dimensions: 2.5 X 2.5 X 8.5 inches