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PortaPow Specialised 6.5ft 20AWG Charge Only Micro USB Cable for Blackberry


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  • Uses 20AWG copper cable for lower resistance and faster charging than a budget micro USB cable.
  • Prevents your device going into 'data transfer' mode when connected to a computer, prevents data theft / viruses when charging from an unknown USB socket and lets you use a computer just like a mains charger.
  • TPE Rubber-like cable is more flexible, environmentally friendly and tactile than cheaper PVC plastic.
  • Hardwired with the Fast Charge USB signal - If you have purchased a mains or car USB charger but find that it charges your device slower or not at all, this will most likely solve the problem.
  • 6.5ft, 1 year warranty
Product Description


PortaPow Specialised 6.5ft 20AWG Charge Only Micro USB Cable for Blackberry, OnePlus One, HTC One, Google Nexus, Asus Transformer, Dell Venue, Other Fast Charging Devices

Color:Micro USB 6.5 ft
Compatible with smartphones, tablets and satnavs from Samsung, HTC, Google, Sony, etc. This cable is designed to prevent your device going into data transfer mode and also to improve charging speed from a powerful USB charger which is built to the wrong spec (eg designed for Apple devices rather than Android), and from computers / TVs, car stereos and other sockets which normally put your device into data mode. It works well with the Asus Transformer T100, Dell Venue, OnePlus One, and other difficult to charge devices.

20 AWG copper cable - This is the lowest resistance currently available and is significantly lower than standard 24AWG or 26AWG used by most 3rd party cables - lower AWG indicates lower resistance and potentially faster charging.

TPE casing - A normal PVC cable with this much copper would be quite stiff, TPE allows the cable to be as flexible as a thinner cable

Micro USB fast charge signal is built into this cable, many car/mains chargers do not send this signal so will not output full power with a normal charge +sync cable.

Data Blocker Prevents your device going into data transfer mode to protect it from data hacking / viruses when charging from an unknown socket.

Even when using this cable, charging speed will still be limited by the maximum speed your device supports and the maximum power your USB socket is capable of outputting, use one capable of 2A or more for best results. Using this cable will not increase charging speed in all cases.

Phones using the Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 spec require a compatible charger and a sync cable to charge at their highest speed, charging will be slower when using a normal charger or this charge only cable. Search for PortaPow Charge+Sync for our Qualcomm compatible cable. The Samsung Galaxy S6 / Edge also requires a sync cable for the fastest charging speeds.
Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: PortaPow

  • Model: PORTPE2M

  • Storkz Item #: S20538934