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Pillow Sonic PillowSonic FM15 Under-Pillow Stereo Pillow Speakers with Volume Control

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PILLOW SPEAKERS helps falling asleep faster, aids stress relief, relaxation, tinnitus relief & more
2 BUILT-IN DIGITAL MICRO-SPEAKERS so you can enjoy audio through dense pillows without disturbing partner
UNIVERSAL JACK for use with any audio device with 3.5mm (1/8) headphone jack, Smartphones, clock radios, MP3 players, TVs, & more
ACOUSTIC FOAM MATERIAL ensures it remains in place under pillow for unique combination of comfort and audio quality
BACK POCKET for handy storing of Smartphone, MP3 player, or Smartphone (Player not included)
Product Description


Pillowsonic Warranty 1 year manufacturer's warranty
Pillowsonic Originally designed in 2001, this newest model has been updated with a soft, durable, non-slip acoustic foam material with a flat-design and acoustically enhanced pair of digital micro-speakers engineered to be placed under the pillow for private listening. The FM15 eliminates the need for headsets or ear buds.
Pillowsonic features two quality digital speakers delivering crystal-clear stereo sound at gentle, safe volume levels throughout even the densest pillows. The digital quality audio can be heard gently throughout the entire surface of your pillow, allowing you to toss and turn without missing a beat or a word. Intelligent engineering allows critical ambient sounds, alarm, bell, telephone ring, or call for help, to be heard.
Pillowsonic Updated Features: 1) The FM15 was redesigned with a non-slip foam exterior that will not slide under your pillow. 2) Remove the digital speakers and your foam exterior can be washed or sterilized. 3) A back pocket can accommodate the audio cable extension and a digital player.
No batteries or power source needed. Just plug to your sound source and play.
Pillowsonic connects with a 3.5mm standard jack to all popular sound sources (digital players, smart phones, radio, TV, alarm-clocks, etc.), for easy listening to your favorite audio. In-line volume control allows you to regulated sound levels.
What's included:
- Two Acoustically Enhanced, Digital, Stereo Micro-Speakers
- Specially designed non-slip acoustic laboratory-quality foam exterior cover, 4 x 12 x 7/8
- 12-inch Audio Cable with standard 3.5mm mini jack
- Extra-long 6-foot Extension Audio Cable with In-line Volume Control and standard 3.5mm mini jack
Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: Pillow Sonic

  • Model: Pillow Sonic20557278

  • Storkz Item #: S20557278

  • Item Weight: 0.1 kg

  • Product Dimensions: 12 X 4 X 0.8 inches