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Pet Power ZX All Natura Pet Supplement for Dogs and Cats - 4oz 30-Day Supply

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  • Makes Regular Pet Food Taste Better
  • Natural & Organic Mineral Complexes
  • Supports Digestion
  • Promotes Healthy Coat & Skin
  • Healthier Pets are More Resistant to Diseases & Health Conditions
Product Description


Pet Power ZX is our flagship product, created by a team of pet scientists and experts. This 100% all-natural product is a synergistic balance of:

- Natural Organic Complexes

- 20 Water-Soluble Minerals

- 19 Plant Enzymes

- 70 Trace Minerals

With intestinal flora ingredients, including humic and Fulvic Acid/Electrolytes. Pet Power ZX supports a faster breakdown of foods, making more nutrients available for absorption. This improves digestion, and the conversion of food into energy. Fulvix acid electrolytes act as miniature battery chargers, providing a consistent source of high cellular energy.

Pet Power ZX is "pre-biotic" not "anti-biotic"

Antibiotic kills microbes - often the good ones with the bad ones. Pet Power ZX is pro-biotic. In short, this means that Pet Power ZX promotes beneficial microbes to improve proper food digestion. Pet Power ZX helps your pet process food faster, enhancing mineral and other nutrient absorption into the blood stream and all body cells.

Product Standard and Quality Control

Pet Power ZX is manufactured with all organic ingredients, meeting or surpassing industry standards. No non-organic carriers or GMO source materials are used. Manufacturing and packaging facilities meet "food grade" or higher standards.

Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: Pet ZX

  • Model: 680334881348

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