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Wickedly Potent! VEGAN HEMP Toothpaste for dogs and cats- All-natural oral care for pets Fights Plaque- Freshens Breath- Soothing Antibacterial Whitening Holistic and Herbal Remedy. EASY ACCESS JAR

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  • DENTAL AND ORAL HYGIENE FOR DOGS CATS & PETS: maintains healthy teeth and gums. Cleans and brightens teeth, fights bad breath germs with antibacterial properties. Leaves mouth fresh and clean. This natural herbal remedy is safe and effective for mild dental problems, and general maintenance of dental and oral health. It is completely safe to swallow and will even provide many internal benefits as well.
  • BENEFICIAL PROPERTIES: Organic unrefined coconut oil & Organic Baking soda works to clean, whiten & neutralize PH while Food Grade Bentonite clay, draws out toxins and powerfully remineralizes teeth Peppermint oil has the ability to inhibit biofilm formation while providing a therapeutic benefit in treating periodontitis, gingivitis, & halitosis. Hemp is a natural anti-inflammatory & powerful antioxidant. Wild Oregano oil & Rosemary oil are known antiseptics and act as a powerful antibacterial
  • SAFELY FORMULATED FOR YOUR PETS: We use all Human Grade Ingredients which are both wild crafted and organic no GMO or pesticides. We do not use emulsifiers and any chemicals. Our wickedly Potent Tooth Paste is vegan and edible. WARM CLIMATE INSTRUCTIONS: Our pure coconut oil base may liquify in warm climates. JUST STIR CONTENTS AND REFRIGORATER TO RESOLIDIY. STORE INCOOL PLACE AFTERWOOD. NEVER INTRODUCE WATER TO CONTENTS AND NEVER DOUBLE DIP AS THAT BREEDS GERMS.
  • Consistent and regular use of Wickedly Potent! Tooth paste can maintain your dogs oral health as it promotes fresh breath and fights plaque formation. It also helps remove mild build up. If your dog already has a lot of plaque buildup, very bad breath, red inflamed gums, and receding gum line prior to using our oral care products we suggest you VISIT YOUR VETERINARIAN as your pet may require a full dental. Symptoms of canine periodontitis should NEVER go undiagnosed. Dogs suffer in silence.
  • Canine periodontitis is a bacterial infection of the mouth. There are four stages of periodontal disease, progressing from plaque and mildly inflamed gums to established gingivitis (gum disease), and then on to mild and ultimately severe periodontitis, which may involve bone and/or tooth loss. Seek the advice of your veterinary to determine if your pet also needs medical attention for their dental issues along with daily maintenance
Product Description


Wickedly Potent Toothpaste now is new 2 oz Jars for easy mixing before use. *Special note on consistency: Mix well if separated. During hot weather coconut oil will melt to a liquid oil state (as real food grade non chemically altered coconut oil does) mix well and place in refrigerator during the warmer climate if you want your tooth paste to be a solid paste.. Wickedly Potent toothpaste carries the same health benefits in its liquid oil state and in a solid. You choose which way works best for you and your dog. Either way we recommend placing 1 or 2 pea size drops (depending on your dogs size) on a piece of gauze or doggie tooth brush and gently rub the fronts and backs of all your dogs teeth. Your dogs will love the taste, and are encouraged to swallow so that the ingredients can continue to do all its goodness internally as well. PURE, NATURAL, VEGAN, & SAFE Wickedly Potent! Toothpaste for dogs is made with all human grade ingredients and is not only harmless to ingest but beneficial because of natural activated charcoal. Holistic and free of any lab-made chemicals, crafted wholly for fighting plaque, whitening, cleansing and soothing with a mild clean flavor for fresh breath. Naturally Anti-plaque, Antibacterial, Refreshing, Soothing & Whitening Beneficial Properties of our All Natural, Herbal Ingredients in our Doggie Toothpastes.

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