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Waterproof Camera Float MyFloat


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  • Securing your waterproof camera with MyFloat is the best insurance for your device and its digital data.
  • Attach two strings for extra security incase one string breaks and an extra clip also with double strings
  • Pick 1-unit (holds up to 7oz or 200g) or 2-units (holds up to 14oz or 400g) package.
  • Comfortable wrist strap easily slips onto your wrists and gives the freedom while swimming, snorkelling and diving.
  • Made of neoprene, same as wetsuits, with a foam centre for the buoyancy.
Product Description


Waterproof Camera Float MyFloat (1-unit Package Yellow) Camera Floating Wrist Strap for Your Underwater Camera Compatible with Most Waterproof Cameras, Marine Binoculars, Camcorders and Phones

Color:1-Unit Package Yellow
The Missing Element In Your Underwater Photoshoots!
How To Keep Your Camera Safe Underwater...

Do you like to take underwater photographs?

Do you wish you had a strap that didn't let your camera slip from your fingers underwater?

During underwater photoshoots, it's easy to accidentally let go of your camera and lose it forever. Whether it gets lost in the ocean sand or hits the hard bottom of a pool, your camera faces many dangers if you let it go, willingly or not.

This is why we've created the waterproof camera floatation wrist strap.

The strap keeps your camera either near your hands, or floating on the surface. This way, you can make sure your camera never hits rock bottom, no matter what happens!

You can swim, snorkel and dive without a care in the world: you won't even feel it as it takes care of your camera.

Neon high-visibility colour makes it difficult to lose the camera out of sight on the surface of the water. In addition, we offer double strings on each MyFloat strap for extra security.

Buy 1-unit package for cameras up to 7oz (200g) or 2-unit package for cameras up to 14oz (400g). If you need the extra buoyancy you can attach as many floats as you want.

DISCOUNT: For a limited time we are offering a 1-unit package or a 2-unit package for a discounted price. Additionally, we will add an extra clip with a double string per float (1 extra clip in 1-unit package and 2 extra clips in 2-unit package). Thus, if the first clip wears down, you will have a spare for it.

1 YEAR GUARANTEE:We are confident that you will love MyFloat. If you are not 100% satisfied with our product, we will refund your money back.

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Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: MyFloat

  • Model: 3193344

  • Storkz Item #: S20537740