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Molo Dog Nail Clippers Trimmer Safety Guard to Avoid Over-Cutting Nails and Free Nail File - Razor Sharp Blades - Sturdy Non Slip Handles Safe, Professional at Home Grooming


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  • PROFESSIONAL DOG NAIL CLIPPERS QUALITY. Used by vets, pet groomers, and animal trainers, these professional pet nail clippers will allow you to easily clip ERS QUALITY. Used by vets, pet groomers, and animal trainers, these professional pet nail clippers will allow you to easily clip and trim your pet's nails with professional results at home. Get a quick and clean cut every time using our dog and cat nail clippers and trimmer. No more unevenly cut or broken nails.
  • LONG LASTING SHARPNESS and DURABILITY. The pet nail clippers heavy-duty cutting blades are made of finest quality hardened STAINLESS STEEL to ensure superior quality and long lasting sharpness, it is powerful enough to trim your dogs or cats nails with just one cut ,They wont rust and will stay sharper for longer, even through heavy use, unlike many other low quality brands.
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED NON-SLIP HANDLES for a more comfortable and secure grip to prevent slippage and accidentally hurting your pet. These pet nail clippers have, dog and cat nail & claw clippers are easy grip rubber-coated handles which provide a natural and incredibly comfortable fit for your fingers reducing hand fatigue. So, there's no need to hold them in a tiring, very tight grip.
  • THE DOG GROOMING CLIPPERS is safely Outfitted with safety stop blade that greatly reduces the risk of cutting nails too short cutting
  • FREE NAIL FILE INCLUDED to file the sharp nails after cutting your dogs and cats nails .
Product Description


Whether you have a dog that can easily tolerate having his nails clipped, or you have one that is absolutely petrified of the process, keeping your dogs claws a sensible length is very important to their health and wellbeing. Regular trimming can: Prevent snagging on carpets and other flooring Stop them from curling round and ingrowing Prevent infection However, most importantly, a dogs nails are a part of their anatomy and having nails that are too long can alter the way in which your dog moves and carries himself. The altered position causes the bones in his feet to sit at a different angle, which in turn puts pressure on the joints. Over time, this can cause significant joint pain and lead to arthritis. Changing the natural alignment of the joints can also make your dog much less steady on his feet. This means that he is far less likely to be able to catch himself from falling or landing well, increasingly the probability of broken bones. 5 steps to trim your dogs nails.

1- Spread each of your dogs paws and inspect them, including the pads, for dirt, debris or ticks.

2- Take a firm but gentle hold of his toe. You should hold your trimmer so that you are cutting the nail from the top to the bottom at a slight angle rather than side to side. Do not trim at a blunt angle, instead you should try and maintain the natural curve of the nail.

3- Cut a little piece of nail at a time until you can see the beginning of a nail-colored circle appear on the cut surface. This circle indicates that you are nearing the vein that runs into the nail, known as the quick, and that you have cut down far enough. In dogs with black nails, the circle may be harder to identify.

4- If you accidentally cut into the quick, it will probably bleed. Use some corn starch to help stem the bleeding.

5- Once you have cut all the nails, use a file to smooth down any rough edges that are potential snagging risks.

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