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Medihealth 1 The Menstrual cup that Surpasses all Menstrual cups

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• AN EASY TO USE - Leak resistant Menstrual cup that is 100% safe to sleep in, exercise in, swim in and in most cases you will not have to empty it for 12 hours giving protection from your menstrual cycles.
• MADE WITH 100% - Medical grade silicone, Phlalate free, Dioxin free, Latex free and BPA free, giving you the Alternative from using the toxin Tampons and Sanitary pads that have been associated with conditions like Toxic Shock Syndrome.
• FDA APPROVED - Safe to use with no additives or chemicals, this is a 100% Hypoallergenic product and will not give you any allergic reactions. You will have the confidence to go through your Menstrual Cycles feeling safe using the VIDA CUP.
• MADE IN GERMANY - using German Products and Technology and manufactured to strict standards that meet the most stringent specifications. This superior Menstrual Cup will last up to 15 years with care and maintenance and will be a big part of your menstrual life and will empower you to take control of your Menstrual cycle calendar.
• SAVE MONEY - and care for the Environment, One VIDA Menstrual Cup will save you up to $5000 during your Menstrual Life and not to say the contribution to the ever increasing Landfill that Sanitary products add annually. Become the Eco-Women and be proud of the statement you make to your peers.
Product Description


The Menstrual cup that Surpasses all Menstrual cups, introducing the Vida Cup, better than the rest. Guaranteed to give you your perfect period during your Menstruation cycle or your money back. Click Add to Cart NOW

Size:Small/Pre Birth
Using Tampons/Sanitary pads have risks of developing TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME
* Have you ever been in a situation when a leak occurred during your menstrual cycles.
* Are you sick of the impediments you face every month by using Tampons and Sanitary pads.
* Do you get annoyed about the extra cost that tampons and Pads have on your budget.

Have you ever thought that there may be an ALTERNATIVE ?
* You CAN feel comfortable and confident during your menstruation cycle
* You CAN be an Eco Conscious Women and not contribute to massive amounts of landfill.
* You CAN go swimming, exercise and to sleep without restrictive feminine products.
* You CAN finally eliminate period dryness and itchiness by using the hypoallergenic Vida cup.
* You CAN wear the clothes you love without fear of embarrassing accidents.

Medihealth 1 now offers the VIDA CUP that will be a life changing experience
* You will have a reusable menstrual cup that will last 15 plus years - no more monthly cash outlay on one-use products such as Tampax, Kotex or Whisper.
* You will be empowered to take more control of your periods using the Vida cup.
* You will find out how a women should feel during her cycles.
* You will own a GERMAN made product using 100% German medical grade silicone- German manufacturing = quality.
* You will no longer have any concerns about potential health risks - toxic shock syndrome will no longer be a worry for you.

Choose from the following sizes
* Choose the Small size for under 25 years pre childbirth or C section.
* Choose the Large cup for post birth or over 25 years.

The VIDA CUP Exclusive No-Risk Lifetime Guarantee. Its Simple.
* Try it and Love it. Or 100% of your money back.

Get a Menstrual Cup that REALLY works. Click Add to Cart Now as Prices may rise during Exchange rate movements
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