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Alien MagZen - Unique Magnetic Alien Zen Garden Zen Box, Tabletop/Desktop Zen Garden Kit for Relaxation, Stress Relief, Creativity and Magnetic Science (Alien Version) (Alien)

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  • Alien Zen Garden Desktop, Zen Garden Kit, Magnetic Zen Garden, Mini Zen Garden
  • MagZen is a unique Magnetic Zen Garden that combines natural Magnetic Sand together with One Flexible Alien, Three (3) Polished Magnetic Rocks and three (3) Real Metal & Wood Tools.
  • Use the magnets and the tools to enhance creativity, relaxation, peace and Zen.
  • Real Wooden Box with Metal Closure, Real Metal & Wood Tools, Magnetic Sand Mined from Arizona USA
  • Made In The USA
Product Description


Create Spectacular, Beautiful & Weird Magnetic Landscapes & Sculptures

MagZen is a unique "Magnetic" Zen Garden that combines natural Magnetic Sand together with a flexible, poseable alien, three (3) Polished Hematite Magnet Rocks and three (3) Real Metal & Wood Tools.

We all know what happens when you combine magnets and metal. Now you can create your own ZEN creations that can only be accomplished with powerful magnetic fields, magnetic sand and metal tools.

Magnetite Black Sand is made up of magnetite and hematite. We call it Moon Sand... Just like real moon sand... it's magnetic! The special magnetic sand is mined right from the ground in Arizona USA!

You'll forget about the troubles of the day as you focus on your next magnetic creation. Playing with magnets and magnetic sand is a great way to releive stress. The miniature metal tools interact with the magnets and the sand in a unique, relaxing, interesting and fun way.

You'll find yourself drawn back to this unique magnetic zen box, again and again. It's addictive and promotes the same benefits as meditation.


Promotes Relaxation and Stress-Relief
By focusing on your creation, you'll forget about everything else. This is an extremely potent form of meditation!

Hold a desire, wish or gratitude in mind as you comb the magnetic sand...

Increased Discipline, Focus and Concentration
A miniature Magnetic Zen garden on your desk or tabletop can serve as a more general reminder of the benefits of staying dedicated and focused. This practice yields numerous benefits, and the focus and concentration you cultivate can enhance other areas of life.

Stimulates Creativity
The presence of a Magnetic Zen garden can also help to stimulate creativity and assist with problem-solving.

Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: MagZen

  • Model: mzalien

  • Storkz Item #: S20822222

  • Item Weight: 0.89 kg

  • Product Dimensions: 3.9 X 8.2 X 8.4 inches