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Kotaro Kendama Kotaro Pro Bamboo Kendama Toy with Extra String and Holster


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  • Don't Settle For Cheap Knockoffs! Look for the logo. Buy the pro level Kotaro Kendama. If it doesn't have the KK logo, it isn't a real Kotaro.
  • Named After Fuma Kotaro, the Legendary Ninja Clan Leader in Ancient Japan. . Ninjas are known for their agility and speed. Do you have the eye hand coordination to use the Kotaro Kendama?
  • Full Sized Bamboo Kendama. Don't be tricked into buying a tiny one that isn't any good.
  • Replaceable String. Kendama strings are like yoyo strings. They wear out! Be sure to buy extras so you can replace them if they get dirty, knotted or frayed. Each kendama includes 1 extra string to get your started!
  • Includes Extra String and a Holster / Holder. Traditional 7.25 size from top to bottom when ball is on the spike. Handle is 6 1/4 from bottom to tip of spike. Spike is approximately 1 1/2
Product Description


If you're looking for the BEST bamboo kendama on the market, buy the Kotaro Kendama brand. Made of laminated bamboo parts, Kotaro Kendamas are designed for high level kendama play.
With enough practice, you'll be doing all your favorite tricks like Oozara (big cup), Kozara (small cup), Chuuzara (base cup) and Rousoku (candle). Use grips like the Sara (or Pen) Grip, the Ken Grip, the Tama Grip or the Rousoku Grip.
The deluxe Kotaro Kendama comes with a bamboo ball (the tama or dama), a pre-strung length of string, and the Ken, or handle with three cups. Also comes with one extra string!
Improve your hand eye coordination, speed up your reflexes and improve your balancing techniques. As you learn how to use the kendama better and better, you'll build skills like patience and focus and enter the magical state of flow.
What else makes the Kotaro Kendama better?
Bamboo seems like wood, but it's actually a grass! It grows back extremely quickly, so it's very sustainable.
Manufactured in Asia by a toy company that has been in business making bamboo and wooden toys for 12 years.
Extremely stable handle. Nice, deep and perfectly angled cups.
Laser engraved logo.
Ages 12 and up.
Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: Kotaro Kendama

  • Model: Kotaro Kendama20567060

  • Storkz Item #: S20567060

  • Product Dimensions: 7.2 X 3 X 3 inches