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Kastar HHR-P107 Battery, Type 35, NI-MH Rechargeable Cordless Telephone Battery 3.6V 900mAh, Replacement for Panasonic HHR-P107, HHR-P107A, HHR-P107A/1B (Detail Models in the Description)

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  • Kastar Brand Replacement NI-MH Battery. High Quality, Long Lasting and Manufacture Price. (Need more Quantity and More promotion please search Kastar other listings on Amazon)
  • The Battery 100% Compatible with the Original Batteries and Chargers.
  • High Capacity. Use high quality Japanese Cells for longer battery life with no Memory Effect.
  • Use Integrated Japanese microchip which can prevent the overcharge and overdischarge.
  • The Battery Include 30-DAY Money Back and 3-YEAR Manufacturer Warranty.
Product Description


Package Includes:
1 x HHR-P107 Battery Caution:
1.Don't disassemble 2.Don't dispose of in fire 3.Don't store in temperature over 60 ¡Ã¦ 4.Charge only with specified charger
Battery Compatible:
Panasonic HHR-P107, HHR-P107A, HHR-P107A/1B Warm Reminder:
Can use Ctrl + F easily to find your models
Compatible the following Panasonic models:
BB-GT1500, BB-GT1540, BB-GT1540B, BB-GTA150, BB-GTA150B, BB-GT1500B, KX-3031, KX-3032, KX-3034, KX-6022, KX-6023, KX-6051, KX-6053, KX-6054, KX-6071, KX-6073, KX-6074, KX-TG3021, KX-TG3021S, KX-TG3021-01, KX-TG3021-02, KX-TG3021-03, KX-TG3021-04, KX-TG3021-05, KX-TG3021-06, KX-TG3021-07, KX-TG3021-08, KX-TG3021-09, KX-TG3021-10, KX-TG3021-11, KX-TG3021-12, KX-TG3024S, KX-TG3031, KX-TG3031-01, KX-TG3031-02, KX-TG3031-03, KX-TG3031-04, KX-TG3031-05, KX-TG3031-06, KX-TG3031-07, KX-TG3031-08, KX-TG3031-09, KX-TG3031-10, KX-TG3031-11, KX-TG3031-12, KX-TG3031S, KX-TG3032, KX-TG3032B, KX-TG3032BP, KX-TG3032PK, KX-TG3033, KX-TG3033PK, KX-TG3033S, KX-TG3034, KX-TG3034B, KX-TG3034PK, KX-TG3521, KX-TG6021, KX-TG6021-01, KX-TG6021-02, KX-TG6021-03, KX-TG6021-04, KX-TG6021-05, KX-TG6021-06, KX-TG6021-07, KX-TG6021-08, KX-TG6021-09, KX-TG6021-10, KX-TG6021-11, KX-TG6021-12, KX-TG6021M, KX-TG6022, KX-TG6022B, KX-TG6023, KX-TG6023M, KX-TG6051, KX-TG6051-02, KX-TG6051-06, KX-TG6051-07, KX-TG6051-09, KX-TG6051-10, KX-TG6051-12, KX-TG6051M, KX-TG6052, KX-TG6052B, KX-TG6052PK, KX-TG6053, KX-TG6053BP, KX-TG6053PK, KX-TG6053S, KX-TG6054, KX-TG6054B, KX-TG6054PK, KX-TG6071, KX-TG6071M, KX-TG6072
Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: Kastar

  • Model: Kastar20580902

  • Storkz Item #: S20580902

  • Product Dimensions: 2.5 X 1.5 X 0.9 inches