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Kala Health - MSM Skin and Facial Gel Lotion (8 fluid ounces min.) - The #1 MSM Gel for Quickly Soothing Painful Joints and Healing Irritated Skin or

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Kala Health - MSM Skin and Facial Gel Lotion (8 fluid ounces min.) - The #1 MSM Gel for Quickly Soothing Painful Joints and Healing Irritated Skin or

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  • Fast-Acting: If you are looking for a topical MSM gel that is easy to apply and quickly penetrates your skin or joints to immediately start the healing process and provide relief then this is the product for you.
  • Promotes Clear, Soft & Smooth Skin: Customers rave that this gel is great natural solution for Acne, minor burns, cuts or poison ivy, leaving your skin smoother, brighter and more beautiful.
  • Penetration Deep Enough for Joint Relief: If you are suffering from arthritis in your hands, knees, hips etc. simply apply our Kala Health MSM Gel directly over your sore joints for quick pain relief.
  • Works Amazing in Combination with Kala Health's Pure MSM Powder: Our Kala Health MSM Powder has a 5 star rating by consumers. If you want the full benefits of MSM for your body make sure you check out Kala Health MSM Powder Coarse Flakes (free of additives)
  • Back by the Kala Health No-Risk 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: At Kala Health we stand behind every product we manufacture for our customers. If at any point you do not believe this is the best MSM gel for you, simply return the product for a 100% refund no questions asked.
Product Description


MSM gel's most popular use is for the temporary relief of joint pain in hands, feet or knees. MSM gel also finds practical application in most households as first aid in case of minor burns or cuts, as a skin moisturizer and to use as shaving gel. It also temporarily eliminates the intense itchiness caused by poison ivy or oak, and, unlike medicated anti-itch creams, can be repeatedly and safely applied to large areas of the body. For therapeutic purposes it should be applied to the skin several times daily, and it works best when supplemented by 6 to 8 grams of MSM capsules per day. For general cosmetic purpose, it can be applied as often as desired. The gel is applied directly to the skin and should be allowed to completely dry. Wiping is not necessary. There is very little residue, and the MSM is readily absorbed into the skin. I am a 62 year old retired/disabled dentist with severe lumbar spinal problems. Your Skin & Facial Gel, (MSM) has returned me to near normal mobility, with only one application each morning. My morning application of the gel allows me to fulfill a normal daily business schedule, although I cannot assume the dental position required for practice. It's incredible!! I am thrilled! Sincerely, Barry H. Baum, DDS. Santa Rosa, CA Practical applications of MSM gel include: To help keep skin soft and free of wrinkles To prevent dry and brittle skin To treat acne in adolescents To prevent scar tissue formation after an injury or burn To shrink and replace old scar tissue with healthy new skin To eliminate discomforts caused by scar tissue due to burns and abrasions To soften calloused, leathery or cracking soles of the feet To use in combination with, or instead of shaving cream To immediately and completely eliminate itching caused by poison ivy or poison oak.
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