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JustGreatDealz Battery BT184342 / BT284342 for ATandT Vtech GE RCA and Clarity Phones 2.4V 550mAh Ni-MH

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  • JustGreatDealz BT184342 / BT284342 Cordless Telephone Battery for Many AT&T Clarity GE RCA and Vtech Cordless Telephone Models Voltage: 2.4V, 550 mAh, Composition: Ni-MH
  • Compatible Replacement for AT&T Clarity GE RCA Vtech Batteries: BT8001, BT8000, BT8300, BT18433, BT28433, BT184342, BT284342, 89-1335-00, 89-1344-01, BATT-6010, D613B, CPH-515D, 5-2814, 5-2826, 5-2540, 5-2734, CBD8003, BT8300, BT18433, BT184342, BT28433, BT284342, 89-1326-00-00
  • Compatible with AT&T Telephone Models: CL80109, CL81109, CL81209, CL81309, CL82109, CL82209, CL82309, CL82300, CL82359, CL82409, CL82509, CL82659, CL82859, CL84100, CL84109, CL84209, EL51109, EL51209, EL52109, EL52209, EL52300, EL52309, EL52419, SL81108, SL82118, SL81208, SL82208, SL82218, SL82308, SL82318, SL82408, SL82418, SL82518, SL82558, SL82618, SL82658, SL80108, TL92278, TL92328, TL92378, SB67030, SB67040
  • Compatible with Vtech Telephone Models: 3101, 3211, 6010, 6030, 6031, 6032, 6041, 6042, 6043, 6044, 6051, 6052, 6053, 6113, 6122, 6151, 6211, 6221, 6222, 6226, 6228, 6311, 6321, 6322, CS6209, CS6219, CS6219-2, CS6219-3, CS6219-4, CS6229-2, CS6229-4, DS6101, DS6111, DS6121, DS6121-3, DS6121-4, DS6121-5, DS6151, DS6201, DS6211, DS6211-2, DS6221, DS6221-3, DS6301, DS6321-3, EMBARQ eGo, IP8300, IP8301, IP831, IS6110, LS6204, LS6245, TM3111, TM3111-2
  • Compatible with Clarity and GE RCA Telephone Models: D603, D613, D613C, D613HS, 25055RE1, 25210RE1, 25211, 25212, 25250RE1, 25252, 25255RE2, 25423RE1, 25424RE1, 25425RE1, 25270RE3, 28223EE3, 28223EJ3, 28512AE1, 25825, 28512AE2, 28522AE1, 28522AE2, 28522AE3, 28522AE4, 28801FE1, 28802FE1, 28811FE1, 28811FE2, 28821FE1, 28821FE2, 28821FE3, 28821FJ3, 28851FE2, H5250RE1, H5400RE3, H5401RE1, 2110-0BSGA, 2100-0BKGA, 2101-1BKGA, 2101-2BKGA, 2101-3BKGA, 2102-1BKGA, 2102-2BKGA, 2102-3BKGA, 2111-1BSGA, 2112-1BSGA, 2131-1BKGA, 2132-1BKGA
Product Description


BT184342 / BT284342 Cordless Handset Rechargeable Battery compatible with many ATandT Clarity GE RCA Vtech Telephones 2.4V 550mAh Ni-MH A Compatible Replacement for ATandT Batteries: BT8001 BT8000 BT8300 BT18433 BT28433 BT184342 BT284342 89-1335-00 89-1344-01 BATT-6010 CPH-515D Compatible with the Following ATandT DECT 6.0 Cordless Telephone Models: CL80109 CL81109 CL81209 CL81309 CL82109 CL82209 CL82309 CL82300 CL82359 CL82409 CL82509 CL82659 CL82859 CL84100 CL84109 CL84209 EL51109 EL51209 EL52109 EL52209 EL52300 EL52309 EL52419 SL81108 SL82118 SL81208 SL82208 SL82218 SL82308 SL82318 SL82408 SL82418 SL82518 SL82558 SL82618 SL82658 SL80108 TL92278 TL92328 TL92378 SB67030 SB67040 A Compatible Replacement for Clarity Batteries: D613B Compatible with the Following Clarity Cordless Telephone Models: D603 D613 D613C D613HS A Compatible Replacement for GE RCA Batteries: 5-2814 5-2826 5-2540 5-2734 BATT-6010 CBD8003 Compatible with the Following GE RCA Cordless Telephone Models: 25055RE1 25210RE1 25211 25212 25250RE1 25252 25255RE2 25423RE1 25424RE1 25425RE1 25270RE3 28223EE3 28223EJ3 28512AE1 25825 , 28512AE2 , 28522AE1 , 28522AE2 , 28522AE3 , 28522AE4 , 28801FE1 , 28802FE1 , 28811FE1 28811FE2 28821FE1 28821FE2 28821FE3 28821FJ3 28851FE2 H5250RE1 H5400RE3 H5401RE1 2110-0BSGA 2100-0BKGA 2101-1BKGA 2101-2BKGA 2101-3BKGA 2102-1BKGA 2102-2BKGA 2102-3BKGA 2111-1BSGA 2112-1BSGA 2131-1BKGA 2132-1BKGA A Compatible Replacement for Vtech Batteries: BT8300 BATT-6010 BT18433 BT184342 BT28433 BT284342 89-1326-00-00 Compatible with the Following Vtech DECT 6.0 Cordless Telephone Models: CS6209 CS6219 CS6229-2 CS6229-4 DS6101 DS6111 DS6121 DS6151 DS6201 DS6211 DS6221 DS6301 DS6321-3 EMBARQ eGo IP8300 IP8301 IP831 IS6110 LS6204 LS6245 TM3111
Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: JustGreatDealz

  • Model: JustGreatDealz20581290

  • Storkz Item #: S20581290

  • Item Weight: 0.05 kg

  • Product Dimensions: 2.2 X 1.9 X 0.7 inches