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Oxy-Sorb 60 - 1 Gallon (10"x14") Mylar Bags and 60 - 300cc Oxygen Absorbers For Dried Dehydrated and Long Term Food Storage - Food Survival


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  • 10x14 One Gallon 3.5 mil Thick Mylar Bag
  • Sealable With Hot Iron - Can Reseal After Opening
  • Ideal for Long Term Food Storage
  • Light, Moisture, Oxygen Barrier & Puncture Resistant
  • This Size bag is perfect for storing Salt, Baking Soda/Powder and Spices
Product Description


These Dry-Packs mylar bags combined with Oxy-Sorb Oxygen absorbers, when stored in a rigid container, have proven to be the ideal way to store dehydrated goods for long-term storage. Mylar bags protect your food investment from the effects of oxygen, moisture contamination, and light penetration. They are excellent for the long-term storage of dehydrated foods because they have a FDA approved sealant layer and can be heat sealed with a standard clothing iron on the wool setting, or a hair straightener. Simply add the dehydrated food to the mylar bag, place appropriate number of oxygen absorbers on top, and push out as much residual air as possible before sealing the bag.
Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: Oxy-Sorb

  • Model: MB10X14-300CC-60PK

  • Storkz Item #: S20546104

  • Product Dimensions: 10 X 0.6 X 14 inches