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Saw Palmetto Prostate Supplements for Men | Best Prostate Support and Increased Testosterone Levels to Reduce Frequent Urination and Natural DHT Blocker to Prevent Hair Loss | 100 Capsules

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  • YOURE OVER 40 AND YOURE PROSTATE PROBLEM IS BECOMING FRUSTRATING? | Saw Palmetto Prostate Supplements for Men have been shown as an EFFICIENT NATURAL WAY TO HELP MANAGE YOUR AGING, ENLARGED PROSTATE. Hidden Nature Prostate Support may help alleviate some of the symptoms caused by prostate growth which include FREQUENT URINATION ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT, WEAK URINE STREAM, AND INABILITY TO COMPLETELY EMPTY THE BLADDER. This can mean big improvements in a mans quality of life.
  • EXTRA STRENGHT FORMULA | Hidden Nature Prostate Health Supplements are formulated with NON GMO all natural ingredients consisting in not only Saw Palmetto Extract, but also Saw Palmetto Powder, offering you the best quality prostate supplements for men and the synergic benefits of the herb, that has been used by Native Americans as medicine and food for hundreds of years. JUST ONE SERVING A DAY OF OUR SAW PALMETTO 1000MG FORMULA CAN SUPPORT YOUR PROSTATE HEALTH!
  • POTENT DHT BLOCKER AND HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH | Many studies confirm saw palmetto as an alternative remedy used to treat hair loss. Saw palmetto works by stopping the breakdown of testosterone into its byproduct, DHT, the molecule responsible for hair loss, and also involved in the enlargement of the prostate.
  • OUTSTANDING RESULTS OF HERBS COMBINED | SAW PALMETTO IN MOST EFFECTIVE WHEN IT IS COMBINED WITH OTHER SUPPLEMENTS. There are a few other prostate supplements that encourage a normal prostate size and support urinary health, all concerns associated with an aging prostate. Try our BUNDLE FOR PROSTATE HEALTH combining two other Hidden Nature Supplements: GREEN TEA EXTRACT AND ORGANIC TURMERIC CURCUMIN.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE | Your Saw Palmetto Complex comes with a 90 DAYS WARRANTY. Hidden Nature is renowned for WORLD CLASS customer service and 100% POSITIVE SELLER FEEDBACK on Amazon. We trust the quality of our products, NON GMO, MADE IN THE USA, GMP AND FDA APPROVED, and know you will find this prostate support formula incredibly EFFECTIVE! Feel healthier or your money back, no questions asked!
Product Description



Taking prostate supplements for men with Saw Palmetto is one natural way to help manage your aging prostate. Also known as the American dwarf palm tree, Saw Palmetto makes a nice addition to a prostate-friendly lifestyle and diet. It can be used as an anti-inflammatory, and it is rich in phytosterols, including beta-sitosterol, and fatty acids, and most important as a DHT blocker.

Another good health benefit of Saw Palmetto berries for aging men is that it can help manage hormones that are responsible for prostate growth. Saw palmeto extract can help block testosterone from converting to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), and it inhibits 5-alpha-reductase activity in prostate tissue, which is also responsible for hair loss.


Saw Palmetto may increase both male and female fertility by affecting the balance of free testosterone in the body. In men, too little testosterone results in low seminal liquid. Similarly, too little testosterone reduces a womans egg production. Saw Palmetto may increase both male and female fertility by affecting the balance of free testosterone in the body.


Through our GMO free and responsibly sourced product, we deliver the message of well-being, health and happiness, and we hope you hear it and make the best of it. One or two capsules per day of our Prostate Health Supplements should be sufficient to support healthy prostate function.


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