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Best St. John's Wort 1000mg 180 Capsules (Non-GMO) Powerful 900mcg Hypericin Saint Johns Wort Extract for Mood, Anxiety and Depression Support (500mg per Capsule) - 100% Money Back Guarantee


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  • LIFT YOUR WELL BEING: For centuries people have turned to St. Johns Wort (commonly misspelled wart) to brighten their day. Now we know it contains a natural active chemical called Hypericin that helps to balance brain chemistry resulting in that gentle uplifting feeling you get when you take high-potency St. John's Wort every day. Our Healths Harmony formula provides 900mcg of Hypericin in every serving.
  • NATURAL ANXIETY AND MOOD SUPPORT: This herbal mental health aid also helps with depression as well. However, it is no substitute for antidepressant medicine and you should never switch from your current medication regimen without talking to your doctor.
  • QUALITY AND QUANTITY: We keep servings simple with one capsule per serving and 180 capsules per bottle. Theres no nasty tincture to taste and no gritty pills, just potent extract standardized to 0.3% Hypericin for optimal brain support.
  • MANUFACTURED TO IMMACULATE STANDARDS: We manufacture these non-GMO powder capsules in a GMP-certified facility right here in San Francisco. Our precision formulation means you can be sure that whats listed on the bottle is what you actually get every single time -- nothing but pure St. John's Wort and something to hold the capsule together.
  • GUARANTEED FOR YOU: Try one of the most promising herbs that promote mental balance available today. If after taking a full bottle you dont feel increased stability, simply contact us to receive a prompt, full refund. Isnt it time to naturally optimize your mental health? Add a 180-capsule bottle of our St. Johns Wort to your cart right now!
Product Description


Have you heard all the hype about what St. John’s Wort can do 
for your mind, but you were hesitant to try it until you found the 
most potent form available?

St. John’s Wort from NusaPure Is Here For You

1000mg per Serving (500mg per capsule)

With 900mcg of the active chemical Hypericin in every serving, 
it’s the pure but natural mental health aid you’ve always wanted 
to try.

Helps With Mood, Anxiety and Depression: St. John’s Wort 
has been repeatedly praised for delivering mental health 
benefits across the board.

Sooth SAD: If you tend to get maudlin when the sun starts to 
shine less, St. John’s Wort may be able to help.

Cushion The Effects of Menopause: Find some stability when 
your brain is bouncing around like a yoyo.

Deliver You From The Doldrums of PMS: It happens about 
every month and causes some depression and hostility in many 
women, but St. John’s Wort is known to be able to at least 
partially mitigate this.

Curb Compulsions: When you want to disrupt your usual 
routine and you feel like you have no control over it, this 
fascinating herb may be able to put you back in charge.

Not a Replacement for Medication: St. John’s Wort is not a replacement 
for depression medicine, so you should talk 
to your doctor before you start taking it. Do not replace with your medication

Discover The Power of St. John’s Wort to Calm Your Mind and 
Support Your Mood; Order Your Bottle Today!

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