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Genius Carbohydrate Powder Smart Carb Source for Pre, Intra or Post Workout |Sustain Energy, Speed Recovery and Gain Lean Muscle Mass Healthier Alternative to Dextrose - Sport Performance Drink


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  • SUPERIOR LOW-GLYCEMIC ENERGY SOURCE Carb-loaders & endurance athletes have come to accept the effects of maltodextrin and fast digesting sugar (glucose) but Genius Carb offers an 82% lower insulin response and a 27% lower blood-sugar responses making it a healthier alternative to whats on the market today
  • GREAT FOR BIKING, HIKING, RUNNING OR ENDURANCE SPORTS Avoid the peaks, valleys and unnatural spikes in blood-sugar that maltodextrin causes and instead fuel optimal, non-crash performance with Genius Carb; Combine with Genius Electrolytes for optimal hydration & peak performance
  • HEALTHY WEIGHT GAINER (STACK TIPS) Looking to add serious mass? Do it the right way, avoid the filler-based mass gainer supplements and combine our smart carb source with genius creatine & protein for true mass building & lean muscle growth
  • BIGGER MUSCLE PUMPS Consuming carbohydrates before or during your workout results in greater nitric oxide production, ultimately improving your pump and keeping your muscles full; Genius Carb provides a quality nutrition source that lasts throughout the workout and aids in the muscle building & recovery process
Product Description


What if I told you that you could still get all of the physical benefits of consuming carbs pre, post or intra workout, all without the counterproductive blood sugar spike that is associated with most simple carbs? If you're serious about both performance and longevity, our revolutionary formula was designed just for you!

Genius Carb shines a light on the superiority of complex carbohydrates vs simple carbohydrates as it relates to seemingly all aspects of performance.

Advantages of Genius Carb include

Minimal blood-sugar and insulin response

Fast gastric-emptying formula reduces bloating

Low osmolality

Mixes easily and tastes neutral in food and drink

Prebiotic, non-allergenic, non-GMO, and gluten-free

When your blood sugar is out of wack, it can cause brain fog, (bad) weight gain and uncontrollable cravings and mood swings. Plain and simple; you lose control of your own biology if you abuse simple carbs!!!

The sugar filled sports drinks backed by multi-million dollar athlete endorsed marketing campaigns have been doing us all a disservice for far too long.

The sugar loaded energy gels marketed conveniently as healthy energy for cyclist, runners and endurance athletes of all forms have misled you.

"energy bars" with their primary ingredient hiding the tainted name of sugar with more pleasant names like "brown rice syrup" or "agave nectar" have also posed as health food.

At what point do we reject the multi-billion dollar sugar industry's dogma and strive for optimal well-being?

In place of the obesity causing sport drinks, try stacking Genius Carb (unflavored) with our fully loaded Electrolyte complex for a truly "genius" sports drink.


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