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Chinese Checkers Board Game by GrowUpSmart | Mini Wooden Travel Set with Coloured Pegs for Kids

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  • CHINESE CHECKERS TRAVEL SET. One of the worlds most universal and enduring strategy games will keep you and the kids entertained for hours. Fun for the entire family, Chinese Checkers can be played by two, three, four, or six people, playing individually or with partners. Everything you need is included in the box: Hardwood playing board with 6 different colored sets of safe, lead-free painted pegs (blue, green, yellow, white, black, red), a cloth pouch to hold all your pegs and instructions.
  • FUN FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY & FRIENDS. Chinese Checkers universal appeal is legendary because its fun, exciting and easy to play. Rules are simple, so even young children can play and feel empowered, especially facing off against friends and family. The game becomes more dynamic when you play with more than two people. Great for family challenges with mom, dad, sister and brother, and grandma with plenty of room for friends too!
  • WOODEN PEGS FIT PERFECTLY IN BOARD. Chinese Checkers uses a special board that looks like a six-pointed star. Our wooden pegs for this set are well crafted and fit snug and perfectly into the holes on the board. Designed with travelers in mind, the pegs stay intact and will not pop out when playing in the back of the car, on trains or plains, the subway, or if you move or knock the board. Wooden pegs are painted with safe lead-free paint and brilliant colors.
  • you wherever you go! Perfect for the kids to bring to their friends house or on road trips to play in the back of the car, on trains, picnics or in the backyard. Its small enough to slip into any carry bag. Made of wood it is durable for travel and it can take the knocks and bangs. A small pouch holds all the pieces so you dont misplace them.
  • EDUCATIONAL & SOCIAL EXPERIENCE. Chinese Checkers is an excellent starter game to introduce your kids to concepts like basic strategy. It is also a great tool to help with your childs development. Kids learn to interact with their peers, follow rules and face competition. They learn fair play, develop competitive skills and social skills by teaching children to play together and compete. Kids can also learn problem solving, basic strategy and decision-making skills. All this helps build confide
Product Description


Portable Chinese Checkers Travel Set Is Fun for Kids and the Entire Family.
Its one of the all-time great strategy games ever created. Usually introduced to kids at a young age, Chinese Checkers is perfect for helping them learn basic competitive skills and strategy which they can then build on with more complex games as they grow. Chinese checkers can be played by two, three, four, or six people, playing individually or with partners.

Beautifully crafted yet durable. Can outlast the roughest kids!
Our wooden board is made of high-quality wood compact and durable. The pegs are painted with lead-free paint making it kid safe. It can take knocks from the roughest kids and is designed to travel. Your kids can take it anywhere to play.

Challenge mom, dad, grandpa and friends With room for 6 players, the entire family can play with plenty of rooms for friends too. Each player has 10 colored pegs that start inside the point of their star. First to move all their pieces into their home corner on the opposite side of the board before their opponents do WINS!

Portable to travel.
The kids can take it on road trips, family vacations, picnics, and their friends house. Fits in small bags or in the palm of your hand. A pouch is included to hold all your pegs.

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