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[Upgrade Version] 2-in-1 Pet Grooming Glove - Gentle Deshedding Brush Glove - Efficient Pet Hair Remover Mitt - Enhanced Five Finger Design - Perfect for Dog and Cat with Long and Short Fur


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  • GREAT GROOMING AND MASSAGE GLOVES: Our cat and dog grooming gloves easily removes loose pet fur and tangles. Fur sticks to the gloves for easy removal. No more flying fur. Its several soft bristles gently clean and tidy your pet, as well as effectively remove pet hair that clings onto the furniture. they're also the perfect massage tools to help your pet relax.
  • SPECIAL DESIGN & MATERIAL: The enhanced five-finger design easily contours to reach hides around the face, behind legs, under the chest and tail, ensuring you dont miss a spot. They are flexible, breathable and with an adjustable wrist strap to fit most users hands. Our gloves are made of durable, stretchable 3D cloth back with 180 silicone grooming tips on the palm side work efficiently in removing pet hair. The mitts are machine washable, dry fast and long-lasting, too.
  • UNIQUE COMB FEATURES: The soft rubber tips quickly scrub away dirt, dead skin and loose fur making it an excellent pet brush for grooming and bathing. It leaves pet skin clean and helps restore sheen and luster to the coat. Our handheld grooming tool wont pull on hair making it a perfect brush for pets with sensitive skin. Our dog bath brush also increases the effectiveness of shampoo lathering, allowing less product to go further. Achieve a deeper clean than shampooing alone.
  • MULTI-FUNTIONAL KIT : OUR Set features integrated functions. You may use it in bathing, cleaning, hair removing, and in massaging your pets. Even as the grooming gloves and brush give a thorough cleaning, you also pamper your pet with a gentle massage to help improve his blood circulation. The rubber brush tips efficiently remove the fallen hair . Our grooming products are indeed an ideal treat to your furry friend and an important addition to your pet grooming kit.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: We give you an Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee. ABSOLUTELY NO RISK TO YOU! We offer a replacement pet brush or well refund your money for any reason you feel unhappy with your purchase.
Product Description


Why should you buy Our Hodilu cat / dog grooming kit (set)?

Wise Option

You wouldnt want to cuddle a dirty and untidy pet, do you? And, for sure, you would not want a messy furniture filled with pet hair. The Hodilu Pet Grooming Brush and Gloves set can help you avoid such inconvenience. You can rely on our products in solving your pet hair issues. Unlike other brands, our gloves and brush set are durable you can use them several times over. They dont tear apart easily because of the flexible and high-quality material we use.

Multi-functional set

Hodilu's double-sided pet comb works in two ways. It removes stubborn matts and unfastens tangles even as you use it in de-shedding your pets coat. The flexible and adjustable slip-on gloves allow you to work through the hard-to-reach parts of your pets body. The fur sticks to the gloves as you work, making it easy for you to pull off and dispose of the loose fluff. Thus, making your dogs coat softer and radiant. At the same time, your pet will love the relaxing feeling as you give him a gentle massage. Hodilus rubber brush tips are also excellent at removing pet hairs that cling onto your furniture and clothes.

A healthier home

Regularly using our pet (dog/cat/horse) brushs for shedding set assures you of a healthier pet. Clean pets put off unwanted ticks and parasites. You get a cleaner home, too, as our pet grooming set eliminates pet hair from your furniture and clothes. Thus, reducing allergens and promoting air quality inside your home.

Our guarantee

If, for some valid reasons, you dont think our pet ninja gloves fur remover set meets your standard, we would gladly offer you a replacement brush set or well refund all your money. Just give it a TRY!

Additional Information
  • Manufacturer: Grooming My Pet

  • Model: CTNCWST001

  • Storkz Item #: S20832067

  • Item Weight: 0.27 kg

  • Product Dimensions: 2.2 X 6.5 X 9.9 inches