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Grey Fox Herbals Natural Pet Calming Remedy, Anti Anxiety and Stress Relief Drops: Relaxes Dogs and Cats for Storms, Barking, Fear, Chewing, Separation Anxiety, Travel

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  • ALL NATURAL DROPS FOR PETS ANXIETY RELIEF - When we get stressed or anxious we reach for herbal teas and remedies. Now your furry friends can experience that same relief. Grey Fox custom-crafted CALM Drops give your pet relief from the daily stresses in their lives. Grey Fox Herbals remedies are created in small batches from the highest quality organic herbs and ingredients.
  • CALMS PETS EXPERIENCING STRESSFUL SITUATIONS - CALM Drops can lessen the acuteness of common and non-common stresses, and relieve symptoms like pacing, whining, chewing, and barking. Everyday stressors may include: car rides, new visitors in the home, dog parks, crowds and disruptions of normal schedules. More extreme stress can come from: airplane travel, long term separation, new pets, history of abuse or homelessness, and chaotic events such as fireworks or thunderstorms.
  • RELAXES FIRST, THEN REPAIRS - With CALM your pets can calm down, relax, and even take a nap to recover from stress. CALM Drops can reduce the severity of stress by helping to relax your pets mind and nervous system, leaving them more at ease. Simultaneously, CALM Drops nourish the resiliency of their nervous system, making dogs and cats resistant to future stress and anxiety.
  • PROVEN FORMULA, HIGH QUALITY HERBS & INGREDIENTS - All ingredients used in Grey Fox Herbal products are natural, organically grown, & human-grade. The skullcap and chamomile in our formula work together to first lower anxiety and then sooth. These herbs are tried and true solutions for anxiety relief and sleep aid in traditional and modern herbal medicine. Grey Fox products are free from GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, gluten, fillers, artificial flavors, preservatives, or other added chemicals.
  • SIMPLE TO USE, CRAFTED WITH CARE - Instead of pills, CALM is formulated as a concentrated tincture that can be mixed with food. Pets that like the taste can take it directly from the dropper. The remedy should take effect within minutes of administration. Herbs are sourced from responsible and sustainable farms. And whenever possible they are hand-harvested directly from the gardens of Grey Fox Farm in the Berkshire Mountains.
Product Description


Give the gift of calm and relaxation to your pets. Grey Fox Herbals CALM is a dropper remedy formulated to calm dogs and cats who are experiencing elevated levels of anxiety and stress. These drops can be used whenever your pet is scared, anxious, or stressed, and can even be given in anticipation of stress. In a fast paced and chaotic world, remedies and calming practices have become a necessity in keeping our lives and our pets lives peaceful and balanced.

High quality natural ingredients. CALM remedy is made from the high quality human-grade herbs and ingredients. Our herbs are organically grown on our farm and sustainably harvested.

Veterinarian tested and approved. During product development, we worked with veterinarians to craft our recipe and application specifically for causes of stress and anxiety seen on a regular basis. Veterinarians recognize that mental, emotional, and nervous disorders can benefit from herbal therapy.

Stress relief for many scenarios.
- Barking
- Aggression
- Vet visits
- Storms
- Thunder
- Grooming
- Trauma
- Travel
- Dog Parks
- Kennels
- Crate training
- Separation
- New Pets
- New adoption
- Moving

Feature Summary
- Natural, organically grown ingredients
- Strengthens nervous system and overall health
- Used for dogs and cats of any size
- Easy to administer
- Human-quality ingredients
- Used effectively by owners and veterinarians since 2010

Nettles, Oatstraw, Skullcap, Chamomile, Wood Betony, Passionflower, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Spring Water.

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